A useful add-on launched by FireFox, called CaptureFox, that not only captures screen shots but also helps you in making videos. it turns your Firefox browser into a one-click screen video recorder.

You can record inside the FireFox window, as well the the whole desktop screen and then save it as a video file. The program can also capture sound from your microphone.

Its a very useful utility for those who love making videos and sharing it with friends and family. Once you have installed the CaptureFox, you will see a button in FireFox status bar, from where you can Start or Stop recording.

While recording, you can also see the duration of screencast from the status bar, itself. When done recording, push the stop button, to end recording.

CaptureFox is compatible with Windows XP as well Vista. I would recommend to use this add-on, since Its a fast and handy utility to use, without using other external programs like Camtasia, etc.