rapidshare_logoIn the recent past we shared with you three widely used download managers for Rapidshare that included Rapidshare Plus, Raptor, and Jdownloader. We also promised to our readers that we will share with you some more Rapidshare downloaders available on the web.

Meanwhile our hunt for rapidshare download manager grows; we have come up with another Download manager named RapGet.

This nifty app allows you to download Rapidshare files simultaneously either from Rapidshare premium account or Rapidshare free account. If you have a premium account for Rapidshare then RapGet will manage your files automatically.

The other thing that we love about this application is that it works for free users equally well. Not only will it automatically enter CAPTCHA code on your behalf but also start downloading one file at a time.


RapGet supports the following features:

  • Supports 60 file hosting services like megaupload , box.net and many others
  • Ability to enter CAPTCHA code for you
  • Supports up to 50 languages
  • Enter your file hosting account login credentials on RapGet and it will manage the download files simultaneously
  • Time schedule features to set time for downloading files from file hosting services
  • Compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista

Give it a try and let us know. If you want to share your Rapidshare download manager, drop a comment!

Download Rapget