Callisto – Free WordPress Theme

I feel proud to announce another free wordpress theme – Callisto. The key feature about this theme is that it comes with four different flavors, namely; Blue, Red, Green and Gray. The blue color comes by default. This will allow you to choose your own favorite color, allowing you to enjoy the theme in any color you want.

It contains easy to use interface with a shining glossy look, making it appealing to eyes. Callisto has two widget ready columns/sidebars, Left and Right sidebars. In addition to that below are some of the other features made available;


Navigation Bar – On the top of your screen, a horizontal navigational bar is placed for you easily navigate through pages.

Search Engine Optimized – This theme is designed keeping in mind that all search engine spiders crawl your site by providing headings and title tags.

Adsense Optimized – Similarly, this theme is highly optimized for Adsense, enabling you to easily and efficiently monetize your blog, leading to higher revenue. You can place a 468*60 ad unit at the top of the navigational bar, next to blog title where CTR is relatively high, in addition to that you can place a vertical skyscraper or 250*250 block unit at the sidebar and also under each post title.

Socialize Button – At the end of each post it contains Feed, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, ReTweet buttons enabling others to interact and share your content with the rest of the world.

Callisto in other flavors


(click image for a LIVE DEMO)

This theme is released under GPL (General Public License).

How to change color?

If you want to set your own color, simple open the style.css file. There you’ll find the following code;

@import url(“blue.css”);

change blue to either red, gray or green. Hit ‘update file‘ button to save changes.

See how to install wordpress theme, here.


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