Rocket Languages is the one tool that you would want to use if you are planning on learning a new language. There are three things I simply loved about it: it was simple to use, it was straightforward and it was user-friendly. Out of all the different competing services that we can find online, Rocket Languages did a great job of placing confidence in students that were learning a new culture and were new to a specific language. The new version, the 2012 version, has added a lot new of features to the program which makes it a lot more interactive and at the same time, provides an intelligent display for users. 

Rocket Languages has done an impressive job of providing money for value with their new release. They provided some of the most practical tips regarding different cultures. Besides all this, the website did an incredible job of optimizing itself for tablets. The website also provides some great and useful audio files that have an option of being downloaded.

There were only two problems that we found to be somewhat threatening, but we don’t think they will be much of a threat. The first threat that came to our mind was some of their pages were too long which required a long scrolling experience, something that usually puts visitors off. No one is really willing to scroll too much or spend too much time on a page. The other problem that we thought could hurt Rocket Languages was the quizzes that were provided. The quizzes were of a multiple-choice nature and with such quizzes you cannot really judge how good you are because it becomes more of a guessing game.

For beginners and people who are constantly on the go, Rocket Language was one of the most useful language-learning software that anyone could find. The newest update has done an even better job of helping itself by adding a more interactive aspect and optimizing itself for tablets and other mobile devices.