Whether we are on a road trip or on an international expedition, a majority of us rely on our smartphones and Google Maps to help us find our way with some entertainment that is. For this reason, it is strongly believed that you have some travel apps downloaded and installed in your Android smartphone. Below, you will find descriptions of some must-have travel apps.

TripIt is the first one we will look into. This app will help you to simplify your travel planning. You can generate information that is considered to be important related to your trip like weather, directions, maps etc. You can effectively plan all your activities using this app. What more could you want? This will also let you share and monitor your plans just by reaching out for your phone.

If you are one of those who are really particular about your costs and expenses on a trip, then Expensify is one app that you will be looking for. This app is great for people are always travelling for business. Expensify allows you to scan any receipts that you incur on your travel and log them into a complete expense report.

Hipmunk is one hip and happening app. Hipmunk gathers all information regarding flight information and their respective fares and provides you with this information. It will help to heighten your travel experience. It is absolutely free and easy to use. The visualizations of this app help you to highlight important variables and factors.

One slightly more useful app as compared to Hipmunk is Kayak. Kayak not only deals with booking and gathering flight information, but it also helps you to book and research into hotels and car rentals services as well as way to track your flight and finding the best travel deals.


TripIt – An Irreplaceable Travel Apps on Android