In this day and time, apps are the things that determine whether a mobile platform or OS is a hit or whether it should be considered a waste of time. Due to this, developers are putting more and more thought and time into the development of apps, be it on any mobile OS. They want to do their level best in order to make sure their platforms get the recognition and fame they deserve. This brings to the subject of this article. We will be looking into some of the most looked forward apps yet.

Apple has become known for its apps. One of these apps is Zombies Run!. This app, or game, creates a scenario in which you are Runner 5. The story and situation will be explained to you through voice recordings that will be played during your playing time. The objective of this game is to run around the city and gather supplies while are you being chased by zombies. The longer you run around, the more supplies you are able to obtain. Once you get to your home, you can decide how to allocate the supplies. This app will makes its way to Android in Spring of this year.

A few days ago, Lookout, who is also known for its antivirus on mobile Android devices, recently came out with a new app for Android. This app shows users what ad networks currently have a presence on your phone at that specific time. It also lets users know what information can be accessed by the phone and how much information is further forwarded to other ad networks. You can download the Ad Network Detector here. is an exclusive app for the iOS platform. It’s a great management app as it filters social network streams and only presents those that are of interest to the user. It was a prototype by the New York Times but it turns out be more than just a prototype now.

These apps can be downloaded from their respective app stores. Feel free to come back and read up on more interesting and upcoming apps.