You will come across some time in your life where you will have to split or merge a PDF file. If you are faced with such a situation, there is no better software to use than PDFill PDF Tools (download here).

Okay so we will assume that you have already downloaded the program and that you have also installed it. So moving on from there, open the program up. It will bring up a screen like the one seen below.

So for this tutorial, we will assume that you have to split one PDF document that it is about 3 to 30 pages. After that, you have to reorder the pages, or let’s say that you have to split the multi-page PDF file, or even merge it. First off, we will deal with the splitting part. On the main screen, select Split Reorder Pages and navigate through the folder to where the file is saved. Select is and Open it.

Selecting the PDF file will bring up the following window.

Specify the range of pages that you want to split. Once you do that, click the Save As option and name it into something that you will remember. Hit Save once you decide on a name. It would be ideal if you name it as Split because this will help you remember what file has been split. What splitting does is that it separate the pages that you specify into a PDF files of its own. When you split, you will want to check the box that says Extract Pages as Separate Files.

This software was great to use. I used it on three different versions of Windows. However, remember that if you want to use it with Windows 7, ensure that you have the latest version of Java.

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