You have probably noticed that files usually get downloaded from websites. These are brought onto your system through third-party cookies that help to track your web movements and behavior. When you visit a domain, the domain holds a website and it is the same domain that also contains the third-party cookies. These are mostly found in the shape of banners or advertisements.  However, they will not be seen to be  codes like viruses that can harm your system.

Firstly, we recommend that you install an anti-virus on to your computer. Make sure it is updated and it ready to scan your system after a specified time to make sure you are protected from such threats. Let us say that you are using AVG Anti-virus Protection. When you download and install it, go to the Computer Scanner option. Change the scan settings. Check the option that says Scan for Tracking Cookies and Start the process. After the process is complete, Remove the Selected Infections.

How to Remove Third-Party Tracking Cookies in IE

Now let us get back to the matter at hand. How can you clock third party cookies? It’s simple:

1. Start Internet Explorer and go to the Tools option.

2. Click on the Internet Option and click on the Privacy tab.

Once this opens, go further on the Advanced tab. Check the option that states Override Automatic Cookies Handling. When you do this, check the Block box.

To save your changes, click on the OK box. Again, click OK when you come to the Internet Options window. This will provide you some help to fix your computer’s third-party cookies.

Now that we have looked into the IE process, let’s quickly look into the Firefox.

How to Remove Third-Party Tracking Cookies in Firefox

Open up Mozilla Firefox to get started.

From here, you want to open the Tools tab and scroll down to Options.


Once here, you want to direct yourself towards the Privacy tab. Hover your mouse down to the History portion of this tab. Click on the drop down list next to Firefox Will. Change this to Use Custom Settings for History.


Uncheck the Accept third-party cookies box, which will be ticked. And then click on Show Cookies and Remove them.


When you complete these processes, click OK and you are done.

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