Unlike every other icon on your Windows 7 desktop, the recycle bin cannot be deleted. It is not your normal con. But with the help of this how-to, you will be able to delete and place it on your taskbar. Sounds cool right? This option is great as you only want to see your wallpaper. This is probably the easiest way to go about deleting the Recycle Bin.

For our tutorial, you will not require any hacks or applications. All you need is to read this step by step instruction guide and you will have what we promised.

Now for the process. Start off by creating a new folder on your desktop. For those of you who do not know how to do this, right-click on the desktop and scroll down to New Folder. Name the folder Trash Bin, just for this tutorial that is.


2. Drag the Recycle Bin icon into the new folder that you made that is, Trash Bin. This will not do anything big rather it will only create a shortcut to the Recycle Bin inside the folder.

3. Move the folder from and to whatever directory you want so is removed from your desktop. An example of this would be C:\Trash Bin.

4. Now, make sure your taskbar is unlocked. Right click on the blank area of the taskbar and select Lock the Taskbar. When you do, make sure there is no check mark next to the label.


5. Create a new toolbar by right-clicking on the empty premises of the taskbar again. Scroll to Toolbar and select New Toolbar.

6. This will take you to a prompt where you will need to select a folder. Navigate where you saved the folder and hit the Select Folder button.

7. Doing so will create a new taskbar and a separator between the two. Right-click on it and uncheck Show Text and Shot Title.

8. The recycle bin should now be visible in the taskbar. Lock the Taskbar as the same way you unlocked in the earlier step.

9. Now you have to remove it from the desktop. Right-click on an empty area of the desktop and go down to Personalize. Go to Change Desktop Icons and from there uncheck the box on the left of Recycle Bin. OK it and move on.

We hope that this tutorial helped you delete the recycle bin and add it to your taskbar. Enjoy! Image Courtesy: AddictiveTips