Windows has bestowed upon us many different features that play a vital role in maximizing user convenience. Besides, we all know it is all these little features that make Windows as user-friendly as it is. There are so many things an individual can like about this operating system like its search bar, start menu, quick launch icons, task bar and what not. This brings us on to the subject matter of this article, how to quick launch an application using short keys in a Windows platform.

There is a built-in feature that lets users quick launch any application using shortcut keys. This feature can be accessed very easily as long as you know how to. It also, for a very long time, has been a part of Windows. Not many people are aware how convenient this feature is and what a major role it plays to increase the productivity of users in their daily use of a computer. In this article, we will present our readers on how to actually use this neat little feature.

Setting up a keyboard shortcut for the quick launch application is simple. All you have to do is right-click on the program you want to open using a shortcut key. Then, go to “Properties”. Look at the screenshot below to get a better idea of how to go about it.

Once you open up the “Properties” window, look through the window. You will see a line where it says Shortcut Key. Here, in this bar, you want to enter “F” and then click on “OK”.

And voila, you are done! As you have probably noticed, the shortcut that you assigned as automatically been assigned to “Ctrl + Alt + F”. Now that you have assigned this shortcut, whenever you press this combination of commands together, you will see Firefox opening up automatically. Rather than opening up the Start Menu or Windows Explorer. Using shortcuts is extremely helpful and useful but remembering what shortcut is assigned to what program is a task of its own. So be sure to write them down somewhere.

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