Creating a password reset disk for Windows 7 or Vista is really handy especially if you are one of those people who often forgets his account passwords. With this tool, you can easily reset your password when you are caught in a situation when you have forgotten your password. There are other ways of recovering a lost password but the other ways of doing them are usually complicated and consume a lot of time. So what do you at a time like this? Well, you become proactive. You create a password reset disk today so you don’t have to encounter a problem like this later on in your life.

Go to the Start Menu and go to the Control Panel. Click on it.

Look for the option that says User Accounts and Family Safety link. Select the option to move forward.

Once you have selected User Accounts and Family Safety, you want to click on the option that says User Accounts.

On the left-hand side of this new window, you will see an option that states “Create a password reset disk”. This is where you want to click. Click the link go carry on.

At this stage, the Forgotten Password Wizard will show up. When it does, click on Next. In order to go forward, you should have a portable media device ready. If you have this ready, only then will you be able to create a password reset disk. What this means is that you will either need a flash drive or a floppy disk drive.

There will be a drop-down list under the name of “I want to create a password key disk in the following drive”. In this drop-down list, you want to choose the portable media drive option to create a password reset disk. Click Next to continue.

Enter your current account password in the text box, with the disk or other media in the drive.

Windows will now create the password reset disk that you have specified. When the indicator shows it has been 100%, click Next and then Finish.

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