Are you irritated by Flash animations that you see almost everywhere on the internet? On a personal note, I am highly annoyed by them especially when they force a website to take very long to load. If you are an active user of Mozilla Firefox, then you are in luck, my friend. There is an add-on called FlashBlock which helps to remove all flash animations that you see on Firefox-accessed websites and also prevents them from loading again and again.

This Firefox add-on also blocks advertisements made in Flash. This is very, very helpful when you are on a website where are there hundreds of thousands different Flash animations playing continuously. What it does is it blocks the Flash content. It leaves a placeholder in place on that specific website that lets you to download the content and then view if you want. This way, you can only view the useful content and simultaneously ignore any other content that is irrelevant like advertisements.

FlashBlock blocks three types of Flash categories: Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave and Macromedia Authorware. If there are some websites whose content you do not want to block then all you have to do is simple add them into your whitelist.

I tested FlashBlock on YouTube because I get very annoyed when I come across ads that have nothing to do with the video that I am viewing. This is how the page will work after installing the add-on.

You will notice how the advertisement and video both have been blocked. So all I have to do is click on the placeholder (Play) to start viewing the content.

This will begin the video to load while the advert is still blocked. If you want to disable FlashBlock on YouTube and other videos, simply add them into your whitelist as we mentioned above: Tools > Add-Ons > FlashBlock. Click on Options and add websites under the WhiteList like in the screenshot below.

All in all, this plug-in great and I would strongly recommend you try this add-on. Share your experience with us. Image Courtesy: AddictiveTips