If you are a regular user of a computer, then I am dead sure that you have added shortcuts of programs in your Start menu. But we are sure that you have never added a website in your start menu. Well, now you can learn how to do this. Rather than opening up your browser and navigating the website you want to open you can now access it with just one click. This program can be anything from Gmail to YouTube to Facebook. Below we have provided all of our readers with the procedure to apply this feature on their computer system.

Right click on the Start Menu logo and go to Explore.

This will bring up the Windows Explorer in the Start menu folder.

Now, in the right window pane, you will see New. Click New and then choose Shortcut.

This will bring up a small window. Where it says “Type the location of the item”, enter the URL of the website for who you want to create the shortcut for.

Next, Type a name for this shortcut. Enter a name for this link that you will want to display it as in the Start Menu. When you’re done entering the name, click Finish.

And voila! You are done creating the shortcut for your website.

If you want all the users on your computer to have the ability to access this, then right click on Start and select the Explore All Users option.

This way, you can pin some of your favorite websites on the Start menu without having to open your browser.

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Image Courtesy: AddictiveTips