If you are searching the best football game for your kid then simply you need to check  Fifa 13 game from Tesco. Actually, it is a game that will add a lot of excitement and fun into your kid’s life and definitely, you would like to add all such goodies into his life. Want to explore the details of game? Just continue reading to know what exactly this game is.

Exceptional Graphics

This game comes with nice and real-looking graphics. When a player plays the game then he feels that he is playing in the real ground. This feeling comes to him because the complete background and ground of game is designed in a perfect manner. Sometimes you find it hard to make a difference between real and unreal ground.

Nice Gameplay

No doubt, this latest version of Fifa game has brought many improvements for the players. What is amazing in the game play is attacking intelligence that makes the game experience more enjoyable than before. Though you may not like the defending mechanism of the game but if you use attacking intelligence appropriately then definitely you can win the game. Passing and shooting features are not very good but you can’t say them bad at all.

Ultimate Team Mode

It’s indeed one of the best modes of game. Every player love to play it. Now you are capable to make your own team by buying and selling any player. You can add your favorite players in the team whenever you want.

Head to Head Mode

It’s a usual mode that we all have played many times in FIFA 12. Some players don’t like this mode as they consider it slow but you should give it a try. There is no need to follow other until your experience this mode own your own.


Join the club to combat with other online players. In last version, people don’t play this mode as there were some errors. However, good news for  players is that they are in a position to enjoy the full form of this mode now as improvements have been made.

So, when you need a game for your kid that he can enjoy with his friends then you should have to do nothing but to buy FiFa 13 game from Tesco. I’m sure that your kid will like this gift and want to give you a warm hug for this.