Cloud storage is rapidly becoming recognized as the only way to keep data completely secure while remaining fully accessible to authorized personnel.

Storing in the cloud gives users access from anywhere and everywhere, provided they can input the correct log in details and have been named as an authorized user. It also protects data behind the very latest in security measures including firewalls, anti-virus software and physical security such as flood and fire resistant buildings to house servers.

Egnyte-Cloud-Review have taken the concept of cloud security that little bit further, offering the first ever storage system to include granular permissions at every folder level. It stands to reason that the more people there are who can access a file, the less secure the information in that particular file becomes.

With an Egnyte storage system, each folder is protected and access is allowed only to named users.

Egnyte are unique in that they offer the user a choice of cloud-only storage or hybrid, which is a mixture of cloud and local. This allows established businesses to continue to utilize existing storage solutions parallel to the cloud, rather than having to actively move huge amounts of data across.

Using a global name space, companies can access and share data stores already in place through the same system. This leaves businesses with a choice of storage options, which also includes both public and private cloud storage as well as third party options such as Microsoft Azure, and any linked in devices.

Access can occur from any named devices including desktops, laptops and mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, but crucially only for fully authorized persons.

The hybrid solution over-rides limitations imposed by bandwidth or loss of connection. An Egnyte storage solution provides all the security depth of the private cloud alongside all the sharing benefits of the public cloud, without compromising on the quality of either.