When you sell products, you may run into times when you are sitting on a lot of product with no good way to get rid of it. If the products have been selling before now, then you may just be looking for a way to make a little money off the excess inventory. If you have not made a lot of money from selling them, however, there is still hope. According to Money Magazine, using eCommerce is the best way to ensure you can get rid of all your inventory and turn a profit at the same time. You can use sites like eBay to sell your products, offer deals through mass emails and create social media blasts to announce a clearance event. These all are methods to draw interest and make sure you will no longer be sitting on your old inventory.


Using Reselling Sites

Sites like eBay can help you to bring in a lot of interest to your eCommerce site. You can put all of your products up on the site to be found by anyone looking to purchase your products. One effective aspect of listing products on a site like this is interested people can follow a link within the site to view every other product you have on the site. They can even link directly to your site and buy directly from you. Either way, you are generating interest in products you want to get rid of while hopefully expanding your customer base.

Offer Deals through Email

If you have an email list of customers who love your products, you might want to let them know you have an exclusive deal they can take part in. You can announce you are offering excess inventory liquidation on your site. The email can include a link to bring people back to your site and let them take a look at all of the products available for purchase. Just make sure you have permission to send emails to the people on your list. If you do not, the email could end up in the spam folder, or worse, you could get reported for unsolicited emails. Offering email exclusive offers is also a great way to encourage your customers to sign up for your mailing list.

Use Social Media to Advertise Specials

Social media is another effective way you can announce special prices on your eCommerce site. Those who follow your Facebook or Twitter accounts can learn about liquidation sales the moment you post something about them online. Make sure you do not mention the prices when you are announcing the sales. This will provide some interest in following the link to your site. What is truly great about posting through social media is the people who follow your site can do more than just get a great deal. They can like the post or repost it, which brings in even more interest to your site so you can get rid of your excess inventory.