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How To Monitor or Change the Temperature of Your Computer

Is your computer getting very hot while you use it? If your computer’s components have started reaching a point where their temperature is damaging, then you really need to use something helpful, called SpeedFan. This is a program Read More →

How to Get Your Computer to Detect a USB Modem

If you have a USB modem connected to your computer, this is the tutorial for you. It can be very frustrating at times when your computer does not detect your USB internet device. This is a huge problem especially when Read More →

How To Connect Your Computer with an HDTV

There are many ways to enjoy watching movies or television shows, but the most emerging ways of doing so is by using HD technology. Just by connecting you’re your computer to your HDTV, using a HDMI port that is, you Read More →

How To Change the Start-up Programs in Windows 7

Windows 7 was released not too long ago, but one thing they did was introduce a lot of changes to the entire operating platform. Windows XP was fairly simple and so were all the preceding versions, starting from Windows 1.0 Read More →

How to Protect Your Computer’s Data

In modern day, it is believed that the data on your computer is actually worth a lot more than the computer itself. These days, the traditional computer plays a role rather just being kept as an entertainment system, access to Read More →

Some Neat Tips and Tricks for Your Computer

It is an absolute must to clean your computer as it becomes covered with dust and this dust further intrudes other areas of your computer which eventually negatively impact the performance of your computer. Making sure your computer is Read More →
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