How to set Master Password | FireFox Tip

firefoxWhile surfing the web most of the web sites require you to enter your user name and password in order to login. All of these passwords get saved in Mozilla Firefox, so you do not have to worry of re-writing them again and again.

But what if any one can view these stored passwords? You certainly don’t want any one to know your secret passwords. Firefox, by default gives no protection to hide your stored passwords, which can be easily accessed from Tools menu -> Options, and in the Security tab -> “Show Passwords” button and once you click on “Show Passwords” all your passwords are revealed.

One way to prevent this from happening is by using a ‘Master Password‘. What’s a Master Password? Its just another password that will be used to hide the rest of the passwords stored. By setting this Master Password, the user will be prompted to type in the password in order to access the stored passwords when needed.

In order to set your Master Password, Open Firefox, go to Tools menu, choose Options, and in the Security tab check “Use a master Password” and click the “Change Master Password” button. Now you will be prompted to enter a password. Select a memorable password, a meter below will display the strength of your password. If in case you forget you won’t be able to retrieve it. BE CAREFUL!


I personally advice all my readers to secure their passwords, in order to enjoy maximum security out of it.