Top 10 Paid Proxy Providers For SEO and Anonymous Surfing

Remember when we shared with you some of the best VPN (Virtural Private Networks) for anonymous browsing and also for SEO purposes? Today, we’ll list down some of the best paid proxy providers that will help you stay anonymous.

Also if you use SEO tools such as Scrapebox, Backlink Beast, Senuke XCR or any other, then you definitely need to use a good set of proxies, although a VPN will help you stay anonymous however, for scraping purposes, you need proxies to save your IP from getting banned by Google.

There are a lot of free and paid proxy providers, free proxies are not as good as paid one and only do half the job. It is important to know the function and features of each proxy provider you will be using as well as their Pros and cons.

Some proxy providers offer a cheap proxy fee, but has few benefits, while others are offering proxy service that are costly, but the function and service are also good compared to the cheaper ones.

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To help you decide, below are some of the best top 10 proxy providers available:

1 – BuyProxies [More info]


This is my favourite Proxy provider and I would highly recommend it. There proxies are super fast with low latency and offer UNLIMITED bandwidth. They offer support 24/7 and that is the kind of support that everyone is looking for in choosing a proxy provider.

Imagine the support you can have especially during the holidays or at the middle of the night. If your proxies get banned by Google, then don’t worry, contact them and they’ll replace with a fresh batch within 24 hours or less.


2 – MyPrivateProxies [More info]

my private proxies

MyPrivateProxy comes second in line, its good for anonymous browsing and for using SEO softwares without getting banned. It also has the advantage of supporting both HTTP and HTTPS protocols. They offer 99% uptime and there rates are also quite reasonable.

3 – YourPrivateProxy [More info]

your private proxies

This proxy provider gives the user the benefit of changing the default IP address, of course depending on your needs and activities on the web. Not only that, they also offer unlimited bandwidth and gives 24/7 support.

Like any other proxy providers, they offer several packages to choose from. Unlike any other proxy provider, you can choose to cancel service if you wish to and they will not bill you for that.

 4 – EZProxies [More info]

ez proxies

EZProxies is another great service that ensure that your IP stays hidden and doesn’t reflect in the public, but the IP address of this proxy. You can choose from their widely offered services and packages such as the shared proxies, private proxies and international proxies.

 5 – Anonymous-Proxies


Everyone of us is looking for a package of 24/7 support and at the same time avail this at zero or no additional cost and that is what promises us.  

Anonymous-proxies is also dedicated in providing anonymous IP address or private surfing, allowing the users to have the benefit of security.

 6 – LimeProxies [More info]

lime proxies

Unique IP address, 24/7 phone support, high performance and highly anonymous are just some of the advantages that this proxy provider can give us. With everyday use of proxy in our daily activities, this proxy provider also offers online chat support for everyone who has questions or needs support.

When it comes to their product, they also give you the benefit of changing your proxy’s IP anytime. Not only that, they also authenticate both IP and username giving the user the advantage of having a high level of security.

 7 – SSLPrivateProxy [More info]

ssl private proxy

Aside from security, high speed and 24/7 support, we are also looking for a particular proxy provider that is visible and can support in many locations. SSLprivateproxy is one of the established proxy provider that have servers based in over 100 locations worldwide.

They are not only focusing on the products and services they can offer, they are also accepting feedbacks and comments from the users, allowing them to improve everyday.

8 – NewIPNow [More info]


Unlike any proxy provider, NewIPNow provides proxies for users without using any software. Just set the HTTP proxy host and connect it to your browser. It also offers the users unlimited bandwidth, private IPs and high level of security.

9 – Proxy N VPN [More info]

proxy n vpn

proxy-n-vpn offers a lot of packages to the end users and every package consists of having high anonymous shared proxies, dedicated proxies, etc.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can also get safe and secure private proxies by checking and comparing each package and their corresponding price. 

10 – SquidProxies [More info]

squid proxies

Just like any other provider, this proxy provider is also dedicated to give you unlimited bandwidth, meaning the user who acquired this service has no restriction when it comes to the amount of bandwidth that they use.

They support all types of browsers and you are sure that you can access your proxy 24/7. To maintain their services and products being offered to the public, they charge a fee if you want to avail this.

Got any better Proxy service that you would like us to add here? Then share your comments and views in the section below and we’ll add this to our list.

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