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Who Am I?

My name is Musab Zain, aged 25. I hold a degree in Software Engineering.

My Hobbies?

Well, apart from studying, I spend rest of my time, blogging and surfing the web. I love to stay Up-to-Date with the latest gadgets and other geeky stuff.

How I Started Blogging?

To be very honest, I really didn’t know anything about blogging about a couple months or so. One day a good friend of mine taught me a thing or two related to Blogging and ‘How to Make Money Online’ from a Blog. That’s when I started.

At first it was just for fun, but now I am becoming more and more addicted to it. I spend more time (4~5 hours/Day) and definitely I enjoy a lot. Not only do I learn new things but I also meet other people around the world and make new friends.

Why Skidzopedia.com ?

The idea behind Skidzopedia.com was to bring all the tech news, latest gadgets and stuff to a single platform rather than distorted as on the web.

When was Skidzopedia Born?

I posted my first Article on August 1,2008.

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