What exactly is Long Tail Pro 3.0?

Long Tail Pro is an excellent keyword research tool which allows you to locate long tail keywords with ease. Long Tail Pro is really helpful in drawing maximum search engine traffic to your site.

In other words, it allows you to:

  • Generates keywords as well as domains to create target specific websites
  • Search for keywords which you can use in the blogs of your authority sites
  • Gives more exposure to your conventional business using strategic keyword targeting.

What is meant by “long tail keywords”?

Long Tail keywords are just a group of words/phrases which people use while searching for specific information on search engines. Often users key in entire queries like, ‘Steps to potty train your pet’. Such queries are ‘Long Tail Keywords’.

It’s quite easier to rank a long tail keyword and it is very much focused on its target audience. In fact, advertisers often pay to purchase long keywords.

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By creating useful content which includes many long tail keywords you are sure to draw a lot of search engine traffic to your website as compared to trying for ranking for few leading search engine terms.

Hence, if you have an authority website or an active blog, then it is better to have a comprehensive list of long tail keywords around which you can revolve the content.

Why You Need Long Tail Pro


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How Does Long Tail Pro 3 work?

Easily locate Long Tail Keywords & Domains in a very short time.

Unlike other keyword tools which let you search for only one seed keyword at a time, Long Tail Pro has the provision to import more than 5 seed keywords simultaneously, and it creates numerous keywords. Experienced designers will vouch for its time saving efficiency.

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Besides this, the filters which you wish to remove can be pre-set. Long Tail Pro will use the filters to give exact results based on your specifications, like using only those keywords which have greater than 1000 exact match searches along with Cost Per Click of less than $1. These settings can be saved and reused. This is a rare feature which most of the keyword tools do not offer.

People creating small niche sites can automatically look for exact match domains. After generating the keywords, the software indicates a prominent green symbol for domains which are available, while the domains which are unavailable are indicated in red.

Find out your site ranking in Google

Long Tail Pro also gives you an accurate report about the site ranking on leading search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. You can then determine if you wish to increase the number of keywords or simply work on link building.

Manually checking the Google ranking will not give you accurate figures due to the impact of personalized & localized results. However Long Tail Pro removes the personalized & localized results and tells you the accurate rank on Google.

Analyzing Competitors in Google

It is most important to look at the top 10 websites which are listed on Google. In case if such sites are weak then it is easy to rank, but in case the sites are quite strong then it is better to use that keyword as there are numerous long tail keywords which are better and much simpler to use.

Long Tail Pro gives you the power to evaluate various factors like, checking to see if the keyword is included in the title, the Page Ranking, the volume of links, the domain age etc, in order to compete with the top ten rankers.

Thus, Long Tail Pro is really helpful to get better results easily and quickly.

Other Useful Features

As mentioned before, Long Tail Pro has numerous features which give it an edge over others. These include:

You can use the ‘Fetch Additional Data’ feature to make the keyword generation better. This feature gathers essential information about whether the domain is available or not, and it also includes EMD along with hyphenated domains for important TLDs (Top Level Domains).

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The optional ‘Filters’ too help you in making the search more specific while choosing long tail keywords. The user manual includes details of these features.

You can even update the content rather than simply emphasizing on generating long tail keywords. It also has the provision of conducting a Competitor Analysis & Rank Checking with the same interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any provision for customer support?

Yes, the staff at Long Tail Pro which consists of expert internet marketers patiently and promptly handles all your queries.

Do they provide multiple installations?

Yes, you can install in on multiple products. After purchasing the product, there are no additional charges to install it on 3 different devices.

How to proceed after identifying the keywords?

This is quite tough as you need to pen down interesting and valuable content which will draw the readers and compel them to click on the cash links. However, you need to keep trying until you find the perfect piece of information.

Is Long Tail Pro compatible with Mac & Apple products?
Of course- This tool can be used on both the platforms, and till date users have never complained of any issues.

How much does Long Tail Pro cost?

There are three plans to choose from:

You can download its free trial version that’s available for ten days.

You can make a single investment of $97 to buy the standard package.

You can choose the Premium Package by paying $97 after which you will have to pay $17 every month. You can discontinue this service whenever you wish.

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Is it quite tough to master?

Not at all, after you have read the instructions you will be able to start working on the software. The software has been designed in a user friendly manner and the instructions are clear and detailed without the use of unnecessary jargon, which allow the users to understand everything easily.

Long Tail Pro Vs Market Samurai

I have used Long Tail Pro as well as Market Samurai, and personally I felt that Long Tail Pro is more affordable and user friendly as compared to Market Samurai. Market Samurai too has its own advantages, but I would still prefer Long Tail Pro. Market Samurai is also pretty costly at $149.

Is it important to choose the Platinum option?

Personally I believe that it is important to choose the Platinum option. It is always better to choose the best version of any product to get the most out of it. Besides this the Platinum version also has an average keyword competition value report for all the keywords and this is a very useful tool.

The Last Word

If you are searching for a useful, user friendly and efficient keyword research tool which gives you a lot more than only keyword research, then Long Tail Pro is indeed the right choice.

Honestly, most of the keyword research tools available do not give you proper details and take a lot of time, they are also quite difficult to use. On the other hand, Long Tail Pro is everything which a good & effective product should be and surpasses the users expectations.

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