.7 Web Design Trends for 2019 You Should Not Ignore

In a world where much of the conveniences are online, your website is your shop.

How you arrange your wares in the shop will determine how much business your visitors bring along. In short, your web design will most of the time greatly influence whether your website visitors take the necessary action.

Without much ado, let’s dive into the complex matter that is web design because the obvious suggestions like using bright colors and making attractive are already known.

In 2019, these are the 7 web design trends that you should not ignore if you are serious about your web business.

Optimize For Speed

People do not have time online to wait for your slow website to load pages. In fact, a research once showed that people only give websites less than four seconds to load.

When nothing is forthcoming, they go back to something that’s faster than your miserable website.

In designing your website in 2019, you may be compelled to optimize not just the desktop version for speed but also the mobile versions.

Generally speaking, a great website should take not more than three seconds to load. If you can make it to two seconds, that would be amazing.

Https Secure

At some point when you decide to go all-out in web business, you will have to consider getting the ‘padlock’ appear at the top of your page.

This is not just for the aesthetics of it, but the padlock ensures Google ranks you above any other websites which may be having the same business but are not https secure.

Getting to be https-secure will require you to get the SSL certification; however, you would need a professional who understands web design vs web development to configure the certification into your website. This will help you with the ranking.

Adopt a Marketing Approach

In the web business, you will have to intensify your marketing strategies.

Now, your website visitors may not take your desired action on the first day; however, you could increase your marketing strategies by adding a subscription-based newsletter so that you get their emails. This helps you with more targeted campaigns.

Tell Visual Story

Based on the type of business you are doing, you will identify the services offered and how a website visitor starts from beginning to end.

Based on this process, you could design your website with these visuals that help the users better navigate your website to arrive at your desired area and take the required action.

Easy Design

Visitors should not have a difficult job trying to figure out which icons mean what or any sort of that struggle. To beat this, always design the category icons to closely resemble what is contained in that section.

For example, if your website is about a hospital, you should make the consultation icon have some photo of a doctor or payment section denoted by a dollar bill.

Self Identification

Different online surfers go into a website for different reasons. For this reason, you should design your website in a manner it filters users depending on the kind of outcome they expect from your website.

Dispose of the Baggage

In 2019, the secret ingredient in website success will be in deleting the poorly performing sections of the website, and only leaving the best performing ones.

For example, you could remove the “Media” sections or even the less performing blogs in your database.


With the world evolving at a faster pace than was experienced two decades ago, web business is hardest-hit, thereby necessitating a raft of changes in the web design trends.