Anonymous Surfing with Firefox on a Mac

Last time we shared 11 proxy add-on for secure surfing using Firefox in Windows. This time we will teach you how to surf anonymously with Firefox on Mac OS X.

Before we begin, Download the NeoTunnel DMG file , install it onto your system. Once the NeoTunnel is installed and initiated, the secure tunnel will be automatically restarted whenever you restart your computer.

Now follow the instructions given below:

1. You will have to configure Firefox to use the proxy, in order to do this select Firefox -> Preferences from the Firefox main menu,  “General” icon, and then on the “Connection Settings” button.

2. The window which appears, enable “Manual proxy configuration” and “Use the same proxy for all protocols“. In the “HTTP Proxy” field, type in “” (without quotes), and in the “Port:” field type in “8080” (without quotes).

3. If you would like to view some sites directly and not through the proxy, list them (separated by commas) in the “No Proxy for:” field.

NOTE: Do not forget to list,,, and in the “No Proxy for:” field, as the NeoTunnel proxy does not proxy requests for the Neomailbox Netherlands site itself. If you don’t list these domains here, you won’t be able to view the Neomailbox Netherlands site once the tunnel is activated.

4. Click “OK” and then “OK” again on the main preferences window.

Now all your web requests from Firefox will go through our SSL secured anonymous surfing proxy and the results will be returned to you via the SSL secured channel.




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