20 Kickass Video Search Engines for Hunting Videos

When ever we talk about online videos, the first name that’s comes to our mind is of “YouTube”. YouTube is not only the biggest platform for sharing online videos, but over the years has become the most popular and widely used Video sharing platform.

Despite its popularity, when it comes to searching videos, it not always come up with the exact keyword that you have typed in. Although, several improvements have been made in the system over the years, still there’s room for more.

If you are a big fan of online videos and love to watch videos daily, then you must consider some of the best video search engines, that will not only search for YouTube videos but will also search from other popular video sites, such as Metacafe, Dailymotion, MySpace Videos, Google Video, Yahoo! Video, Livevideo, Megavideo to name a few.

In no particular order, skidzopedia brings 20 video search engines for hunting videos.

Top 20 Video Search Engines

1. fooooo

2. Blinkx

3. ClipBlast

4. Truveo

5. Yvoschaap

6. uLinkx

7. Rollyo.com

8. Tubesurf

9. Mefeedia

10. Timetube

11. Vdoogle

12. AOL

13. VidSea

14. PureVideo

15. Pixsy

16. Mamma

17. Dropamovie

18. Exalead

19. Oxytube

20. Trooker

21. Jinni by Phoebe

What?! Your favorite Video Search Engine is not in the list? Drop us a comment and we would love to add your favorite search engine to our list.