190+ Digg Tools and Resources [updated]

Are you looking for Digg Tools, hacks and services for a powerful Digg experience? Digg is one of the most popular social media website. The concept behind Digg is very simple, basically it is designed for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the Internet, by submitting links and stories, and voting on submitted links and stories.

A huge amount of stories get submitted every day, but only a handful (most Dugg) stories appear on the front page. In the recent past it has become very difficult to make it to the front page, unless you have some loyal friends, you won’t make it to the Front Page, but not this seems to work every time.

Digg has one of the largest audience, comprising well over 4 million daily visitors and hundreds of thousands of active members. I too am an active member on Digg.

Here is a humongous list of Digg Tools and sources, that have been categorized for easy searching. I’ll start with non-official tools, since you already know Digg’s Official Tools.

Non- Official (Third Party) Digg Tools

DiggStatistics – Displays who’s digging your stories, the number of diggs made by a user.

Digg Oracle – Very useful if you use Digg as a bookmarking tool and you need to locate a page again.

Digg Expose – Displays thumbnails of all recently Dugg stories

DiggFiltr – create a custom digg feed in seconds.

Diggwatcher – A webpage where you can monitor the number of Diggs a post is getting.

Dugg Trends Beta – Auto-refreshing Digg mirror site that provides access to current Access digg trends graph and filter digg links by categories.

Duggback – Allows you to view cached copies of pages of Digg stories that may have been taken down due to the Digg effect.

DiggAlerts – Free service that allows you to setup alerts when other Diggalerts.com members submit stories you’re interested in.

Digg Wordweb – Visualize the most popular keywords in a Digg submission and related stories.

Digg Explorer– Provides a wealth of interesting data about Digg. For example, you can see the number of most often used proper nouns on Digg and the stories that contain them.

Digg Notify Beta – Notifies you every time someone digg’s one of your last fifteen submitted stories. It also shows you how many digg’s the story has received, who dugg it and provides a button to click and open up the page. It tells you when your story hits front page as well.

Digg Notify – An application that pops up a small box in the bottom right hand side of your screen to display number of diggs on your story. It tells you when your story hits front page as well.

DiggTree – Flash-based RSS aggregator for Digg.com.

DiggUpdate – gives you quick access to the front page stories of Digg in your Mac OS X menu-bar.

Digg Friends Venn Diagram – Displays a particular befriended user of your choosing, who the user has befriended, and mutual friends in a Venn diagram display

Diggitzer – Web based tool that analyzes millions of successful (in terms of popularity) Digg titles combines this knowledge with your keywords to create the fool-proof title to drive your entry to the very top of digg.

Digg CommentSpySee the most recent live comments on Digg.

Digg Ticker – Shows a customizable scroller or ticker of the most recent Digg news stories on your website or blog.

Digg Expose – Takes snapshots of pages from Digg and displays them in a configurable view.

Diggsig – create your own automatic updating Digg Signature for your website.

Digg City – Shows the 10 most popular Digg stories in a SimCity-esque format.

Digg RadarSimilar to Digg Heat Map, that displays the newest members at the corners of the galaxy and the oldest members in the center of the galaxy. See which users have been most recently active on Digg and who have Dugg a story.

DiggTop – An application for Windows and MacOSX that lets you view a blended list of your favorite Digg topic or keyword feeds.

Digg Entourage – Shows who is in your Digg social circle by avatar , plus table format.

Digg 1 – Submit and share stories, news, videos or comments on other user’s content.

Digg Entourage – Web-based tool to search your previous 25 submissions and pull detailed information on who has dugg your stories the most.

The Digg Noise Filter Lets you watch upcoming stories before they become popular, a good alternative for Digg upcoming

Digg vs Dot – Simple website that highlights the act of cross-posting articles between Digg and Slashdot.

Digg Charts – Displays most popular stories in a table format, followed by a pie graph format and a graph that shows the progression of story popularity over time.

Digg Pics – Tracks the activity of images on the site. Images slide in from the left as people Digg and submit them.

Digg comment viewer – Helps you view recent Digg comments, their rankings, and you can easily navigate to your friends’ comments. Auto-update option available.

Digg Charts – Flex application that generates charts comparing popular stories, a graph is generated showing a selected story’s popularity over time.

Digg Status – Allows you to view different statistics for a particular Digg user.

Digg Watch – Lets users browse Digg and grab interesting information from stories, like who Dugg what stories and how many Diggs a story gets over time.

Diggtris – Similar to a Tetris game based on recently dugg stories. It’s actually quite fun and addictive, though what’s up with those crazy shapes?!

DiggCity – Allows most recently popular 10 stories in a city format. Each stick figure represents a Digg user and the buildings grow as more people Digg the stories and run into the buildings.

Digg Alerter – Keeps track of the Digg stories you’ve submitted, along with their digg count and if they have gone popular or not.

Digg Digger – Grabs all the new stories submitted to digg area queue.

Digg Submit Bookmarklet – Allows you to submit stories to Digg just by clicking a button. Drag and drop this bookmarklet to your toolbar and you’re ready to go.

Digg Arc – displays stories, topics, and containers wrapped around a sphere.

Digg Stack – shows diggs occuring in real time on up to 100 stories at once.

Digg the Blog – a means to detail all digg-related news, events, upgrades, feature additions, and much more.

DiggSuggest – a web-app that suggests new Digg-stories for you based on your previous interests.

DiggView – See all latest promoted Digg stories by category on one page.

Diggless RSS Feed – a special feed that provides a direct link to the website, bypassing Digg.

Digg card – a way of inserting your Digg.com Profile on to you website.

DiggGraph – AJAX application to have a “bird’s eye” look on the digg queue stories and see rapidly which stories are getting up to the front page.

Digg SMS – Get the top 5 front page stories sent to your cell phone every few hours.

Digg Front – View latest promoted Digg stories by category on one page.

Digg Submits – View latest submitted Digg Stories by category on one page.

Digg Marquee – generates a marquee with Digg stories to put on their websites.

Digg Friends Checker – Who’s Digg friends’ lists are you on?

DiggIRC – An Unofficial IRC channel on freenode with full digg rss feed syndication.

Digg Newstracker for Winbar – Just download and rename the extention to .trk and place in newstrackers in your winbar folder.

Digg Navigation – enable quick navigation of digg links.

DiggTray – is a free application which sits in the task tray and notifies you whenever there is a new article on the front page of Digg.com

Digg Buttons – Chicklet buttons you can paste in your blog.

DiggShoutSlash.com – Digg.com, ShoutWire.com and Slashdot.org in iframes.

DIGG – by Digg Staff – Shows top stories or friends digs.

Diggler – Adds a menu button next to the address bar with actions relevant to the current URL. A single click on the menu button also clears the location bar , useful for keyboard free browsing.

Digglicious – A real time, cool blend of Digg and del.icio.us top stories.

Digg Heat Map – Visualizes the Digg community as a universe with the most popular Digg members appearing to be bright stars in the sky and the newest members to be in the center of the universe.

Diggaz With Attitude – Program that displays the latest Digg and Google news articles in your taskbar.

Digg Eater – is a RSS news aggregator with some features unique to Digg.com.

DiggClone project – is an effort to reproduce the functionality of the popular social bookmarking site digg.com.

Digg Soundboard – Remixes comments.

Diggdot.us – Displays all popular diggs, Slashdots and del.icio.us stories.

Digg Google Modules – For use on the Google homepage.

Diggitizer – Makes any normal headline into a headline perfect for Digg.

DiggMap – Diggs are shown in real-time on the map for users that have specified their location in their profile.

Diggpics – Searches and returns a list of stories that have photos as the main subject.

Diggscape – Splits the window to simultaneously post a story to digg.com and netscape.com

Diggscaperedlicious – Splits the window to simultaneously post a story to digg.com, netscape.com, reddit.com and del.icio.us.

Digg Sidebar v4 – enable quick navigation of digg links.

Digg Sidebar – Auto-refreshing sidebar extension for your Firefox browser, includes quick links, RSS reader, and quick search for Digg.

Digg’s Top Stories – Plugin for the Google Desktop Sidebar that displays the ten most recent stories from Digg.

Digg at Cafepress – Tshirts, cups, bags & thongs!

Diggnation T-Shirt – buy another Tshirt.

PiggFeedProvides a handy alternative to the RSS feed that Digg provides. Features include links directly to the article as opposed to the Digg page, when subscribed to Digg RSS feed.


Flock Web Browser – Browser designed for Digg. You can see your Digg friends in the People Sidebar and view stories they are Digging.

OpenCourseWare Finder – Online digg browser.

AleFox – For mac, The Alex Albrecht based internet browser.

MAKEbot for chatting apps, MAKE‘s updated bot can search digg.

DiggBot – MSN robot whose sole purpose is to alert you (via an MSN instant message) whenever there is an iiem posted on the front page of Digg.com.

Digg IRC Bot – An Unofficial IRC channel on freenode with full digg rss feed syndication. You can also configure the bot to private message you with current headlines.

DiggBot – is an automated MSN robot whose sole purpose is to alert you (via an MSN instant message) whenever there is a new item posted on the front page of Digg.com.

Original Signal – Provides an overview of current Digg stories separated by category and chronological order

mb3D Engine – A Digg RSS engine that displays dugg articles in 3D.

pspDigg – View Digg RSS feeds directly from the browser on your PSP system.

PHPDug – Create a Digg-like site where people can rate and comment on stories posted by other users.

TINC – or Who’s Digging You? – Another tool which shows, who is digging your stories.

DC Digg – An application for iPhone. It allows you to browse Digg right from your iPhone!

DC Digg 1 – Use this application to browse Digg from your Apple iPhone.

Wheel of Upcoming – Shows recently submitted stories in a spiral pattern that a user can rotate using mouse gestures. Stories are color-coded based on activity.

WordWeb – This visualization analyzes the relationships between popular keywords and the stories they appear within.

Mini Digg – Allows users to view stories and see the story activity, with user settings and a story tracking feature that allows to save favorite stories for future tracking.

D’lite – Utilizes Digg’s API to retrieve their amazing data, information, and processes. Useful features include pagination, favorites, network detection, and smart auto refresh.

Social Blade Frontpage Data – An online tool which allows you to analyze frontpage stories and determine a host of factors related to the tipping point when a story goes popular.

Zubbu – allows users to check how their Digg story submissions are doing.

PHPDugg – Allows you to run a site on a similar system to digg.com

Live Digg Buton Generator – generates the code to copy and paste into your website to make a live digg button.

HotDigg – Live Digg news feed screensaver.

Upcomming.org Digg Group – a collaborative event calendar for Digg users.

Rip That Page – Digg “Upcomming stories” ripped every 20 mins with thumbshots.

mashfot – A mashup about photography

popfeeds – Combines social bookmarks and popular blogs

Newspyle – Digg.com, Reddit, del.icio.us

popfeedo – Page powered by feedostyle

Viralbabble – Combines social bookmarks; Digg, Slashdot, Lifehacker.

popurls – Displays popular links from Digg, Furl, del.icio.us, Reddit, TailRank, , Flickr, Youtube and Slashdot.

The WebList – Similar to popurls.

reddiggulo.us – Aggregates the most popular stories from Digg, reddit, del.icio.us, Slashdot and ranks them against each other. Also has categories and search.

xmlhttprequest – Ajax related news.

TechssteRSS – Aggregats Tech news from Digg and more…

Screaming-penguin – Shows some digg, yahoo, arsTechnica news

SlashDigg – Digg and Slashdot news webpage.

wiinintendo – Nintendo related.

Ultimate Homepage – Webpage that shows live news from Digg, Google News, SlashDot, Wired, using Ajax.

TECHzingo – Technology News presented in cloud form watches Slashdot.org, Digg.com, TheRegister.co.uk

popTart – Allows you to preview articles in a resizeable frame at the bottom of the browser.

Integrate – Allows you to put Digg This buttons on your site

Talk Digger – search through conversations within Digg and other websites.

Clean Digg RSS Feed – RSS feed with direct links to the stories rather than going to the Digg comments page

Desktop Applications

DiggGraphr Desktop – A desktop application written in Apollo that lets you browse Digg stories in treemaps. Customizes certain features as well as choose the channels you are interested in.

DiggGraphr DesktopDesktop installation that allows you to Digg stories in treemap format. Each section is color-coded and you can drill down and see stories that would interest you the most.

Digg Desktop – For Google Desktop, and shows the 10 most recent posts on Digg

DiggDesk – Read your favorite digg and reddit stories and watch youtube videos right on your desktop.

Desktop Digg – a Windows Desktop Application that will pull down the newest submitted stories on Digg.com.

Digg Labs screensaver – Stack and Swarm on your desktop, for Windows.

Diggth Widget – A widget configured for reading various Digg RSS feeds.

Digg News Widget – Aggregates news via various RSS feeds from Digg.

Rigglations – A widget that displays the relationships between members of Digg.com and click to user profiles.

Digg Dashboard Widget – This widget retrieves the latest headlines from Digg every fifteen minutes and displays them in an attractive interface.

Digg RSS Widget – gets the current front page headlines from digg and displays them in a nice little interface.

Netvibes Widget – Add this widget to Netvibes to see the Top Digg Stories on your Netvibes page.

Digg Search Widget – Search all of Digg’s archives.

Digg Opera Widget – downloads and displays the RSS feed from Digg.


Diggnation Widget – lets you know what the latest Audio and Video Diggnation releases are.

Diggnation Digging Game – for Diggnation fans looking to add more fun the podcast.

Diggnation – collection of the diggnation episodes.

Digg With Diggnation – Check out the latest items from a number of RSS feeds from Digg and get the latest audio and video episodes of Diggnation.


NewcyberBar Customizable toolbar with built in options for to Digg, Slashdot, Del.icio.us, Yahoo! My Web, Furl, Blink this site.

webpedia Toolbar – Give access to 5 rss feed: del.icio.us popular, digg front page news, furl most popular, hot spurls and webpedia blog.

Jedi Digg – A toolbar docked at the top your screen that displays the Digg front page stories in rotation. You can directly digg the story from this toolbar.

Digg Toolbar – Instant access to digg from any site on the web and get digg.com headlines automatically. [mirror]

FireFox Ad-ons

Interclue for Firefox – Shows you everything you need to know before you open another tab. The window also displays the current Digg count and allows you to Digg the site.

Groowe Search Toolbar – Adds a search bar for many search engines and sites including Digg.

Smart Digg Button – Tell you whether the current web page you are viewing has been submitted to Digg, or not. Otherwise, it will display you how many Diggs the page has received.

Digg This! – Adds a Digg This! button to the right-click menu, the tools menu and the toolbar.

Digg.com Comment Spotlight – Shows comments on articles, allowing you to easily wade through hundreds of comments in an article.

Netscape’s Digg Tracker – Helps you keep track of your Digg friends by displaying what they have been submitting, digging and commenting on.

DiggThumbs – Adds website screen shot thumbnails to the listings on Digg.

Cache View – Displays Google’s Cache, Wayback Machine’s Cache, Coral’s Cache, Tech Guru’s Cache, Dot Cache and more, thus keeping a site viewable even after a crash from the “Digg effect.”

Dugged – Adds a dugg-mirror link to websites listed on Digg.

Tadsee – Displays a site’s content through cache if it has crashed, similar to Cache View

Update Scanner – Monitors web pages for updates. Useful for websites that don’t provide Atom or RSS feeds. Sometimes it allows you to grab and submit new stories or articles before other Digg users.

Digg Search Plugin – Firefox plugin that lets you search digg for stories.

Bumblesearch – Firefox extension for advanced search with support for Digg, Slashdot, Amazon, etc.

Cacheout! – Firefox Extension lets you access articles crashed by digg effect through 3rd party caching services like CoralCDN.

gada.be – Search most social bookmarks, this URL will only search digg.

Keotag – Searches digg and other social services.

Newzpile – Realtime web buzz tracker using Ajax, lets you Search Digg, Flickr, Newswine, Youtube

opsdo – Meta search engine, has a digg button if you expand the social block.

Talk Digger – Searches conversations from a lots of places, including Digg.

whonu – Meta discovery search engine that has Digg.

YubNub digg Command List Firefox Search Plugin that can be installed on every browser, mobile, sidebar or even as mac widget.

GreaseMonkey Scripts for Digg

Digg Button Animation Enabler – Allows you to digg a story using the Digg badge on the site of a webpage without having to click through to the Digg story page.

Digg Rating ExtenderShows both the up and down diggs as well as the total rating. Updated for the new comment system to show all the data instead of just the rating or just the up/down.

Feeddit – Feed for the Digg frontpage. Each feed item has a direct link to the story, alongside a link to the submitter, comments and mirror.

Digg Autohide – This script automatically hides (instead of buries) Digg submissions based on user name or keyword. Add users to ‘var users_blacklist’ and keywords to ‘var keywords_blacklist’ at the beginning of this.

Page Jumper – Easy browsing.

Google Bump – Adds functionality to the Google web search. Main features include Quick Search Shortcuts (including Multisearch), Image & Video results with a Player, and some clutter cleanup by.

Digg Search Replaced by a Google CSE Search digg.com using a cool custom Google search engine with hierarchical categories. The textbox will turn yellow to indicate that the google search is active.

Diggholder – Marks your last read digg so you know what you have read.

Google Reader Digg News – Add a digg control to every news-item in google reader.

Digg in current window – Simply removes target_blank (Open New Window).

Try This Search On – Provides useful links to search engines based on the page that you’re viewing or the search that you’re performing.

Digg Top In All Topics – Links Top In All Topics links directly to the article, rather than the digg page. The digg page link is also available underneath if you click on the comments link.

Digg Me Later! – Helps you to digg the article directly from the article page after you read it without having to return to digg.

Digg – add mirrors – Cached pages from MirrorDot, Google cache and guzguz.net

Digg Filter – On digg.com, adds a form field next to the Digg logo. Enter a comma-separated list of keywords to blacklist. Any story that matches will be filtered out.

Digg Re-Direct – When browsing to a digg page via it’s RSS feed, you’ll get redirected to the target page.

Digg Top 10 Direct – Replaces the Top 10 sidebar links to the Digg comment page with links directly to the articles.

Digg de-n00ber – Let’s you filter out Diggs.

Digg Comment Enhancer – The Digg comment enhancer allows you to easily add cliches, mirrors, and images to your digg comments.

Digg to Yahoo! MyWeb 2.0

Digg – Add Mirrors – Adds links to DuggMirror, Coral, Duggback and the Wayback machine to Digg story.

Automatically Swear To Original On Digg – Automatically clicks the ‘Totally orginal, I swear’ button.

Search Most Dugg Stories – Sorts searches on Digg by most “dugg” stories by default.

Official Digg Tools

Digg Widget – Digg news on your site by displaying this widget. It allows you to customize the widget and automatically updates on the fly.

Digg This Button – Encourage readers to submit your content by using Digg This button

Digg Toolbar – Displays Digg counts & comments on your browser. You can even Digg and submit stories directly from this toolbar

Digg BigSpy – Places stories at the top of your screen as they are dugg. Older stories moves down the list, as new stories get dugg,

Digg Search – Search for Digg stories.

Digg Spy v2 – Provides a real time, auto-refreshing view of stories being dugg.

Digg Clouds – Check the digg queue in Clouds format. The more diggs a story gets the bigger is the cloud.

Google IG Module – Personalize your iGoogle page with the latest updates from Digg.

Google Coop Module – This module adds Digg news stories to the top of your Google search results page.

Digg Top Stories – A collection of top stories by day, week, month and year. [Download]

Digg Swarm – Draws a circle for stories as they’re dugg. Diggers swarm around stories, and make them grow.

Digg Q – Unpromoted digg stories. Similar to DiggSpy.


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