Repair Broken Links With Digi Link Doctor (WordPress Plugin)

This is my full review of Digi Link Doctor, a WordPress WordPress plugin by Andy Fletcher. Digi Link Doctor doesn’t only find damaged links, in addition to that, it repairs them. You are able to redirect visitors to your top of the page, to some specific post or page, to an exterior page or just display a 404 page. On this blog I’ve arranged it to redirect visitors to my ‘About Me’ page. If tomorrow I choose to redirect visitors to another page, I’m able to do so, in a couple of clicks.

Setting up Digi Link Doctor is really simple. It roughly requires 2-3 minutes to set up and configure the damaged link checker. What I like regarding this wordpress plugin is its ease of use. This is how the ‘Settings’ section appears like:

Insider Tip – As you can tell, you are able to receive an email the moment a new damaged link is located. I wouldn’t suggest that you tick that option though. Initially when i first setup Digi Link Doctor, I did not think it might find a lot of damaged links… I’d have ticked that option I’d have received 100s of emails! I however ticked another choice to experience an email once every seven days by having an activity summary. If you feel the wordpress plugin will discover a large amount of damaged links, I would recommend that you do exactly the same.

The ‘Repair’ section shows all of the damaged links discovered by the wordpress plugin. I still can’t believe how lengthy my listing of damaged links is and I’m really glad I had setup Digi Link Doctor on my blog. Without it I’d be losing traffic every single day. Not lots of traffic, but with time it accumulates! Digi Link Doctor found them, and fixed them for me, on auto-pilot.

Anyhow, whether you have 100s of websites, or simply one, I recommend that you get Digi Link Doctor. Yes, it’s a paid wordpress plugin, but it’s worth the money! Not receiving visitors are one factor, but losing traffic due to technical reasons isn’t acceptable! For me personally, Digi Link Doctor a must-have plugin.