The World of Touch Technology

A revolution is upon us. With gadgets like Apple tablets, Android smartphones, Microsoft’s Surface tablet, there are multiple interface devices that have provided us with the ability to control computer just by making simple hand gestures, something that was only a reality in science fictions movies. It’s funny the world advances within a few years. Did we ever imagine that we would get touch phones or other touch devices? Who knew you would be able to operate a phone that didn’t have any physical buttons? 

Now, in this present day, touch gestures and functions are not just limited to smartphones. They are everywhere. Touch screens are now making their way to computers. HP was one of the first companies to start this revolution even though there are mixed reviews about their products. Even this is just the beginning. There are even more rumors about where touch technology is heading. Microsoft was just recently seen applying for a patent for a new type of technology. This was a touch screen that has been light-dubbed with a shape-memory polymer display. There is a special technology that, if it was activated with help of an ultraviolet light. It will raise/lower single pixels to give a display of some texture. For example, a developer will be able to create a “real” keyboard from the screen.

Many analysts have predicted that not too far into the future, we will have the ability to control more than just our computers and phones with touch technology. We have already seen the beginning of different interaction styles using touch gestures, like swiping through different screens of the phone, pinch-to-zoom functions etc. But of course, the near future will not be without its failures but we will still see many cutting-edge pieces of information.

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