How To Rebuild The Search Index In Windows 7 / Vista

When you perform a search in Windows 7 or Windows Vista, files that were deleted earlier will probably show up in the search results because the Indexing Service will need to be updated in its records.

The time frame varies from one system to the next. In case the search still continues to show files that were deleted once upon a time, or if it doesn’t show files that actually exist in the system, the indexing service will become outdated.

It maintains an index of the files in your computer which help to make the search faster than it already is. If a search result doesn’t show you what you’re looking for, then you need to go through this article.

Go to the Start Menu and hit the Control Panel option.

Click on the System and Maintenance option, which can be seen under the Indexing Options option. Click the “change how Windows searches” which can be seen in the screenshot below.

Click on the Advanced button to carry forward.

Now what you need to do is rebuild your search index. Click on the Rebuild button. The number of indexed items will reset the number to zero. Upon this change, your system’s Windows will start to rebuild your search index.

The rebuild process will take a couple of hours to complete the entire system so it will require you to be extremely patient.

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Image Courtesy: AddictiveTips

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