Find out fastest open DNS server with DNS jumper

Changing the DNS servers has become quite a trend these days and people use this thing very often to speed up their browsing. Normally you are provided with a specific DNS server that has been provided by your internet service provider and it is not necessarily speedy or you catch the DNS server from your surroundings which too might not be that fast as you would like it to be. There are countless DNS server changing softwares available in the market but the one we are talking about here is the DNS jumper.


How to use the DNS jumper

DNS jumper can be downloaded from some site for free. It is not a heavy software and it does not require a very large amount of space in your hard disk. Once you have downloaded it just start it up. It is a portable device and it does not need any installations.

It comes in the zip file and you need to extract it and place it in some folder.


If you are aware of the DNS server you want to use just pick it by dragging down the “ Choose free DNS box” or you can put it by yourself by clicking on the manual DNS server and then write it down on the box beneath it.

When you have done everything then just click on the apply button and you can enjoy the speedy internet.

Another great thing about this tool is that it can restore you DNS server back to your original server  in seconds all you need to do is click on the restore option on the ” Free DNS Server” option.


DNS jumper currently runs on all the Windows based operating systems and it has been tested so you need not to worry about its working on the Windows based operating systems.