How Does Video Conferencing Create A Flexible Work Environment?

The technology available to today’s business owners offers an increased amount of flexibility in how a business can run its daily operations. Technology is becoming a crucial element for success; a business that is flexible may have a better chance of rebounding following an unexpected event, such as a natural disaster. Small-business owners as well as owners of larger entities can all benefit from flexibility in the workplace.

There are a variety of options that Blue Jeans can offer its customers that encourage a more flexible and productive work environment. Some of these tools include video conferencing options that will allow for face-to-face meetings, regardless of the participants’ location. Cloud computing and telecommuting can also be seen as beneficial to companies looking to increase their flexibility, as both systems allow for work to be completed remotely.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

As the Internet grew in capability and technology evolved to meet the changing demands of consumers, video conferencing was created. Many Internet users may participate in video conferences for personal usage. However, they may not realize just how important this tool can be for a business.

If you own a small business that runs on a tight budget then using this software can help you save money while still efficiently conducting important business.

Video conferencing also allows for the flexibility of having the meetings when it is convenient to all participants, as opposed to trying to coordinate a face-to-face meeting around availability and flight schedules. This benefit can also lead to a significant cost savings due to not having to pay for travel expenses.

A growing trend in video conferencing for businesses is to allow for a business to conduct a virtual interview with a job applicant, for example using Blue Jeans, rather than having the candidate come to the employer for an in-person interview. If you are running on a tight budget, or do not have a dedicated office space because your company is completely online, this may be beneficial to both parties, according to Chron.

Cloud Computing

You can also benefit from one of the most flexible and important business tools available today: cloud computing. The cloud is not a physical location, but rather a virtual one that allows you to have access to anything you place in it regardless of your location.

Another growing use for cloud computing has to do with video conferencing. As the use of mobile technology, tablets and smartphones increases, there is now the option of conducting a video conference over a cloud. In a trend called “bring your own device,” video conference participants can use their own personal device to participate in important business proceedings, regardless of where they are. There are, however, some safety precautions you may want to take prior to engaging in this type of collaboration, according to Concur.

  • Back up your information.
  • Ensure that there is a way to remotely wipe data if the device is lost or stolen.

Businesses can also reap the benefits of the security of a cloud platform rather than a physical location. By connecting to a cloud, you may prevent vital information from being taken off of a stolen laptop, according to Business 2 Community.


A third flexibility tool which can potentially share aspects of both video conferencing and cloud computing is telecommuting. Typically this practice is thought of when creating a workforce that is working strictly from home or another location. However, this practice can also benefit members of your traditional workforce as they can continue their jobs even when other commitments call them away from the office.

If you are going to create a telecommuting option within your workforce it is important to establish guidelines for all members to follow. These include how to safely use cloud software and how to protect information from getting into the wrong hands. Another important task is to set clear guidelines with regard to deadlines and other pressing matters.

Telecommuters can benefit from a reduced amount of commuter-related stress; however, they may also easily become distracted by other commitments. Check in with your telecommuters on a regular basis to ensure they are able to keep up the productivity that you not only need to survive and thrive, but that you would expect from them if they were working within a traditional office environment.

Another benefit of telecommuting is that it allows the business owner to have a reduced amount of office space, according to PC World.

Flexibility is important in any stage of business. As the computer age continues, it will become even more important to be as flexible as possible to ensure future success. In order to determine which technologies will benefit your company the most, look at your needs and your goals. Think about the type of workforce that will work best for you and then determine if video conferencing, cloud computing and telecommuting are what you need to succeed.