9 Ways a Well-designed Site will boost SEO and Engagement

Designing your site for accessibility is a key way you can boost your brand presence and get yourself known. One business tactic that website design by Designhill makes easy to harness is search engine optimized content. Designhill can help with this simple method of pulling people in to your website and can have a big impact on who knows you exist and who is willing to buy your product. Here are a few ways in quick a well-designed website will help to boost the organic hits you get through SEO and increase the successful level of engagement you get with your customers.


The first and possibly most important way your website engages your customers is through successful product or company branding, depending on what your website is presenting. When you design a website it should be with your brand already firmly established, at least in your own mind. It’s not imperative that you have a brand that people already know because a website can help you to establish your presence from the very beginning, but you, at least, should know the colors, images, fonts and overall emotion your brand should be displaying so that when you work with a designer for your site that image comes across cohesive to the rest of your brand.


If you have a small brand or you’re just getting started, you’re already facing the task of deciding how to make your brand appear consistent and polished for consumers. Whether you’re offering a service or a specific product, keeping a consistent image helps consumers equate your design with your products. A website design that is consistent can also help keep your customers at ease and coming back for more. Standard elements of design like the page layout, hierarchy of information and ease of use all create a pleasant experience and mean customers are more likely to come back for more.


This area of design and your site might not be obvious, because many people see website design as something fleeting, but it’s definitely something you have to ask yourself as you go through designing a website. Is your design meant to be scalable, or will you need to invest in a new site design if your business expands or your product rotation changes in the future? Having a website that can grow with you is important. Most businesses are hoping to expand, either in terms of products offered or consumers serviced, and part of doing that is scaling your website up, or down, depending on your goals.

Creating Content

The purpose of a website is to draw in consumers so that they have something to engage themselves with. If you lack interesting information or activities on your website, you might experience “bounce”. Bounce is when a consumers navigates onto your page from a search engine or advertisement, and then immediately bounces right back off again when the site doesn’t meet their needs. Using SEO articles, blog posts and social media in your website design increases the level of engagement people experiencing coming into your site and increases the time they’ll be willing to spend exploring your products too.

Link Building

It doesn’t seem like much but building links that may expand your exposure online is a big deal. If your website is insular- meaning that it doesn’t link to or have a lot of content to pull people in from other locations on the web- you’ll have low exposure outside of your target audience. But your website helps you make links. You may have guest bloggers or feature your partners on your website and they, in turn, can go back to their own sites and share your information. Keep the connections you make, even accidentally, because they can help you spread the word about your company, without you having to do all the leg-work.

Honest Product Reviews

Once you have people on your website, you want to show that you care about your product or service. You want reviews that are honest and, let’s be honest ourselves, increase your positive image. Your website and your SEO content gives you opportunities to show off your positive reviews and even turn negative reviews into positive learning experiences.

Creating Buzz with your Design

Having a grand opening, product review or a fundraiser? Use your website design to promote it. Your design can be as suave or fun-loving as you need to promote whatever sort of event you are planning to have and what it offers you in one more way to advertise a special event through the use of design elements and content.

Staying Power

At the end of the day a website is all about creating a lasting impression and stronghold for your company that is ultimately accessible. Your content, and the frequency at which you update to capitalize on market trends, events and new technology or information creates an image that lasts. You decide on the information that goes into your website, but you need to keep focused on creating a brand and content that has staying power, from the day you first publish and into the future.

Better Visibility

You might have noticed a theme with each of the previous 8 ways in which a well-designed website can boost your content and engagement. It’s all about visibility and ultimately, that’s exactly what a website does for you and your product. From content to your brand design and image, your website is a way to be visible and present for your consumers. Choose to make it engaging, whether you go for fun or sophistication, and you increase your likelihood of success in a hundred small ways that equal out to big returns.