Set Firefox To Clear Cache, Temp Files, History on Shut Down | How To

firefoxFirefox is one the best browsers ever created and the reason why so many people like this browser is that not only it gives your complete control over your preferences, but also provides you with full security so that no one can hack into your personal work.

One of the best ways to keep your privacy on Firefox is by dumping all the data that was download onto your system while you were browsing.

Although you can manually delete all your browsing information by going to Tools–>Options–>Privacy, opening the section“Private Data”  and pressing ”Clear now”. But this can be forgetful. An even better solution to this problem is that you set it up so that it clears off your browsing information, cookies, history, etc and other confidential stuff.

The solution is very simple; all you have to do is to check the box; ‘Always clear my private data when I close Firefox‘, you will find this right under ‘Private Data’ section. In case you want to get notified, check ‘Ask me before clearing private data‘, which is right under the first option. See the screenshot:


You can even choose which data you want to remove according to your own needs and requirement. To do this click on the “settings” button, by doing this you can tell Firefox the stuff you want to keep or remove.


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