Hide/Show Close Button On Tabs | Firefox Tips

Although this trick won’t be appreciated by many of our readers, but keeping in mind that there are people who can’t tolerate a Close Button (black X) on every tab. What ever may be the reason; we bring you a very simple trick that will enable you to get rid of this cross in no time!

Before we move on, Make a back up of the Firefox’s registry in case anything goes wrong. Here is how you make a back up. If you already know or don’t want to use this tweak, then take a look at our Firefox tips, here.

Once you have made the backup, go to the address bar, type in about:config click on ‘I’ll be careful, I promise!‘ button and then type browser.tabs.closeButtons.


By default the value is set to 1, you can change it from value ( 0-3) as mentioned below.

  • 0 – display a close button on the active tab only
  • 1- display close buttons on all tabs
  • 2- don’t display any close buttons
  • 3- display a single close button at the end of the tab strip


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