7 Firefox Features You May Not Know

Ever though why everyone praises Firefox? Why is it spreading like wild fire? They reason lies in its simplicity; Firefox offers some of the greatest features that no browser has ever come up with; you have already witnessed an insight in Tabs here on skidzopedia, further more some of the greatest tips, tricks and themes are being shared with you from time to time.

Regardless to that there are some features that you may not have come across. Today, we will unveil 7 Firefox 3 features that will make you fell in love with this awesome browser even further.

1. Re-size the search bar

When the search bar is placed next to the location bar, you can drag the handler between them (invisible on Windows and Linux) to re-size it.

2. Integrated add-ons

No need to visit Mozilla Add-ons because Firefox 3 brings it to you directly from the Add-ons Manager new Get Add-ons page: search, find and install with a single click.

3. Check your crashes

Type about:crashes in the address bar to get a list of crashes submitted by Mozilla’s crash reporter called Breakpad. Click on a crash report to get details provided by Socorro, Mozilla’s crash reports server.

4. Disable plug-ins

If you Firefox is crashing without any reason; one of the reasons can be due to a faulty plug-in. To be sure, disable the suspect through the new Plugins page in the Add-ons Manager from the Tool menu.

5. Duplicate Tabs

If you want to create a duplicate tab of the same page, press CTRL while dragging a tab. Please note that this feature is only for Window users and will not work on Mac.

6. Move tabs to another window

Just drag a tab and drop it on another window to move it. If the dragged tab is the last one in its window, it will be closed.

7. Discontinuous selections

Make a selection with the mouse as you usually do. Then press and hold the CTRL (for Windows only) key to make additional selections and create a larger discontinuous one so you can copy or print just what you need.

Got any other hidden feature that we missed? We’d love to hear!