See the Album of Any Private User in Facebook | How To

Facebook is among the largest social network and is being used by millions of users from around the world, people interact with each other by writing on their friend’s walls. Some share photo and even movies with their friends and family.

While privacy is a thing of assurance for some, it is annoyance for most. But how safe is Facebook when it comes to securing your privacy? We will share with a very nice trick posted on SimpleThoughts that will enable you to access any one’s tagged photos even if they are made private for you.

Note: Although this trick has not been tested by us but we assure you that it won’t result in banning of your account. We only intend to share it with your for the sake of information.

1. Go to Facebook and then Sign-in.

2. Go to your friends or any other persons profile and look for their Unique Profile ID in the address bar. Once you find it copy paste or write it some where safe.


3. Once you have their unique profile ID, you can use the next two links to view a total of 40 tagged photos:

If you wish to see tagged photos added by others use this link: ID&id=Unique ID

If you wish to see tagged photos added by themselves use this link: ID&id=Unique ID

Each link contains two places for Unique ID, simply replace this with the person’s unique ID that you have copied. If done correctly you will now be able to see up to 40 tagged photos from a folder that was made private.

Don’t thank us, thank SimpleThoughts for sharing this trick with you. Enjoy!



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