Save Web Pages Exactly as they Appear in your Browser with Iterasi

You must have come across instances where you save a page that you liked a lot while you were online so that you may re-read it or consult it for future references. But when you open that saved page from your computer, you find that all your stuff residing in that page has messed up some how.Now what would you do to counter this problem?

Simply hover to Iterasi, where you will find the solution of this problem. With iterasi; CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, and database driven technologies, like PHP and ASP, can all be saved—in their current state—with the push of a button. iterasi You will be provided with two options to save your web pages. Select the option that suits best for you.

No-install Bookmarklet

Drag, drop, save: It’s that easy. One click captures any publicly accessible web page in its original state, saving it to your archive as functional HTML forever. You can create your own account on Iterasi where you can save pages on the fly.

Browser extension

If you looking for more power. Install the browser-based software allows you to capture any web page exactly as you see it — even if you had to log in to get to it. If you like, you can add additional tags, store it in a folder, or write some notes about why this page is so important to you. Iterasi will instantly transfer your page to your secure iterasi account. And, voila! It’s saved. Forever.

The browser extension is compatible with both Firefox and Internet explorer, similarly it works on Windows and Mac OS alike. For more details, visit this page.