15+ Rapidshare Premium Link Generators

Rapidshare is the worlds largest online file sharing service and is used by millions of users from all over the world. Despite its popularity what makes it annoying is the weird CAPTCHA, waiting time and downloading limits forced upon free users.

Not every one can afford a premium account on Rapidshare. But you can still enjoy the pleasure of a free Rapidshare account by generating premium downloading links, which will enable you hassle free downloading with a downloading manager.

Here is a list that we have compiled for you, from where you can generate premium Rapidshare links free of cost!

  1. RapidsharePremiumLinkGenerator

  2. VeryRapidshare

  3. MegaDL

  4. HelloRapid

  5. Rapiddownloader

  6. Rapitshare

  7. RapidLoader

  8. MultiDl

  9. Rapid Unblock

  10. Megaez

  11. RapidFile

  12. RS Fox

  13. FreeRSLinks

  14. Daiphyer

  15. RS Findr

  16. SendItNow

  17. Rapidshare.co.in

Do note that these services have certain daily limitations, on average you can’t generate more than 3-5 links/day. Also these service don’t stay up for long and might get out of service very soon. If you have stumbled across any other Rapidshare premium generator, feel free to share with us and we will add this in our list.



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