TorrentDam – a Bittorrent Tracker Search Tool for Mac OS X

Great news for Mac OS X users. If you are a torrent lover and love to download music, videos and applications from the web using Torrents, but were restricted to use it on your Mac operating system. Now with Torrent Dam you can download all your torrents right from your Mac desktop!

TorrentDam, a brand-new public tracker metasearch tool. It’s free, it’s tiny, and it’s open source! TorrentDam allows users to search up to 7 different popular public trackers, including Mininova, ThePirateBay, IsoHunt & Demonoid.

TorrentDam is a bittorrent search engine tool. It isn’t a search engine itself; it doesn’t in and of itself keep track of bittorrent files.


To use TorrentDam, just start it up. You’ll see a little window for you to input your search terms. Below that is a little sidebar that shows each of the search engines. By default, all are checked. To use the ones you want, simply de-select the ones you have no interest in.

Then, type your search query into the Search For box and hit Search. Here’s a YouTube video that explains how TorrentDam works:

Download Torrent Dam for Mac OS X