Download and Install Windows 8 on Your MacBook Air

Windows 8 is getting closer and closer to its final release and people cannot seem to wait for it to come out. The Consumer Preview was made publicly available a few days ago and, if you do not feel like reading into too much detail, you can always read through our quick overview of what you can expect to see in the 8th generation Windows OS.

A couple of months ago, we got a chance to get our hands on the new and upcoming OS, in the form of the Developer Preview of course, and we decided to test it out on the MacBook Air, since they are now open to the Windows OS. We were surprised at its results but now we have a better opportunity to see if the MacBook Air is really all that great. We will require the help of the Consumer Preview this time around.

The entire process of installing the OS was a very simple one. We loaded it directly from Consumer Preview 64-bit.ISO on a USB. Once it was saved here, we installed it on our Apple laptop within an hour. It shouldn’t take you all more than this either as the process was very straightforward.

We checked to see a few things. The first one of the things on our checklist was the startup time. This is a measurement of turning the system on and having it ready for some commands has come out as being a very important factor now. Manufacturers and developers are continuously battling it out to get the best, which is the least possible startup time. Previously, the MacBook Air started up in 45 seconds with the Developer Preview but with the Consumer Preview, it took only 21 seconds. I know, right? On top of that, restarting the computer was very active and it only took 2 seconds to start back up from Sleep. 

The MacBook Air doesn’t have a touch interface but you will still find many neat functions that you can play around with. MacBook users will get the same Metro interface so there is no need to worry there. Also, Windows 8 is a really intelligent OS. It immediately recognized that it was being run on an Apple laptop and it perfectly blended in and applied all its features and options to the Apple keyboard and its trackpad.

Unfortunately, there are still some areas that need to be redeveloped but with time, I am sure that Windows will effectively handle all of these problem areas.