How To Take iPod Touch or iPhone Screenshots Using Built-in Screen Capture

Have you ever wondered how people take screen shots of their iPhones or iPods while writing a post on their blogs? Taking screen shot of non-jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touch is very simple and above all it helps you in writing tutorials about Apple devices and other applications installed on it.

There are two ways to take screen shots from an iPhone; one way is to use the built in screen capture facility to take screenshots, while the other one involves taking screen shots and then transferring it onto your computer. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate both the procedures one by one.

taking-screenshot-of-an-iphoneCapturing Screenshots from iPhone and iPod Touch using Built in Screen Capture

Step #1. First up, navigate the iPhone to the screen you want to create an image of,

Step #2. Then hold down the home (bottom) button and at the same time press the power (top) button, as shown on the right;

Step #3. The screen will flash and an image will be automatically saved and stored,

Step #4. Click the Photos icon on your iPhone or iPod Touch, this is where your screen shots will be stored.

Capture Screenshots from Apple devices using iPhone SDK

Step #1. For this you’ll need to download and install iPhone SDK, which is absolutely free of cost,

Step #2. Open Xcode and open the Organizer window,


Step #3. Plug-in the device and after a few moments it will appear in the list of devices on the left pane,

Note: You’ll be prompted whether you want to allow this device for development or not, click to proceed.

Step #4. Now click the “Screenshot” tab in the Organizer window and you are ready to capture any screenshots from the device.

Note: Built in screen capture feature is not available with iPhone and iPod Touch with firmware OS version 1.x.


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