How To Synchronize Bookmarks Across Different Browsers Using Xmarks

One can easily import and export bookmarks from various browsers. This procedure, though fast and simple, is usually time consuming specially when you work with many browsers quite regularly.

The solution to this difficulty is Xmarks. This tool provides bookmarks synchronization along different browsers. You’ll be able to sync all your bookmarks across Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari. Xmarks stores the bookmarks inside the user account and these stored bookmarks are synchronized across browsers.

Bookmark synchronization implies if you have made a change in bookmarks on any one of browsers then that will appear on another browser too in case you use the tool to sync it.

To sync your bookmarks among different browsers you have to install Xmarks extension in all of the browsers you work with. Xmarks gives add-ons for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Within your Firefox browser head to Tools> Addons > Get Addons. Look for Xmarks, set it up and restart your browser. You may well directly visit the Xmarks add-on page and set it up from there.

Just after restarting Firefox Go to tools> Xmarks option. Select Next button and it will lead you to Sign up page. Select “Create an account for me” option and then click Next button .
Now register with Xmarks by filling up username, email address, password field and just click Next button.
The most beneficial feature of Xmarks is that it even offers password synchronization. It is possible to enable secure password sync by selecting “Yes” option. Click on Next button.

Now type in the Pin number you have got during registration. For guaranteeing security don’t reveal this Pin number to anyone.

Choose the way you intend to handle the previous data of server and your computer. You may merge data on the server with data on your computer if you need your old bookmarks and passwords in your current computer.
Your computer data (bookmarks and Password) starts syncing. All the data on server will show up on your pc and vice versa. You’ll receive notification of successful synchronization of bookmarks and password.
XMarks extension is available for Google Chrome(Beta Version), Internet Explorer and Safari Browser. You can simply sync all your bookmarks on each of the four browsers. The standard steps for syncing bookmark is similar for all the browsers.

As a Chrome user you can install Chrome extension in beta version of Chrome.

You can see all your bookmarks by logging into Xmarks website. Also you can view and delete bookmarks, share these bookmarks together with other users through email.

Visit Xmarks and set up the corresponding extension for your browser.

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