20 Kickass Portable Applications

My flash drive works pretty hard, so I’ve spent a lot of time gathering a reliable, powerful set of portable tools that allow me to work hard and play hard, even if I can’t do it on my own PC.

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Here is a list of 20 Most Useful Portable Apps for your USB Drive. Feel free to add your favorite portable application to this list.

1. KeePass Password Safe Portable

keepassKeePass Portable is the popular KeePass Password Safe packaged as a portable app, so you can securely carry your email, internet and other passwords with you. You can place it on your USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive or a CD and use it on any computer, without leaving any personal information behind.

2. Truecrypt

truecryptProtect your sensitive data with this free open-source disk encryption software. Creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mount it as a real disk. Encrypt an entire hard disk partition or a device, such as USB flash drive. Automatically and transparently encrypt in real time. More info here.

3. Recuva Portable

recuvaRecuva is a free file recovery tool that can be installed to and run directly from a portable USB device. It enables the user to recover deleted files, including those deleted from a hard drive, flash card, mp3 player, recycle bin and more.

4. Mines-Perfect Portable

mines-perfectMines-Perfect Portable is the entertaining Mines-Perfect minesweeper clone packaged as a portable app, so you can do your mine hunting on the go. It has all the same great features of Mine-Portable, including the extra board layouts (Hexagon, Triangle, 3d).

5. 7-Zip

7-zipUnzips many file formats, such as RAR and ZIP and considerably better than any other available compression app. Compress, encrypt, secure files from anywhere, and decompress too.

6. OperaTor

google-chrome-portableIf you prefer anonymous browsing with a portable browser so that you can use it from your USB stick check out OperaTor. The archive file is 7MB download, once downloaded unzip it in your USB drive and use it. There is no install, just click the icon to open the browser. With OperaTor no data will be stored at the computer you plugged your portable memory into. For details, visit.

7. Mozilla Portable Thunderbird

thunderbirdMozilla Thunderbird®, Portable Edition is the popular Mozilla Thunderbird email client bundled with a launcher as a portable app, so you can take your email, address book and account settings with you. You can also add in GPG and Enigmail to encrypt and sign your email.

8. AnyTV Portable

anytv-portableAnyTV 2.28 is a Video Player product from fdrlab,  anyTV enables you to receive streaming TV and radio stations that are broad casted for free over the Internet. The software organizes the stations by country and genre, and allows you to keep a list of favorite stations for quick access.

9. Miranda IM

mirandaMiranda IM is the smaller, faster, easier instant messenger with support for multiple protocols. Designed from the ground-up to be resource efficient while still providing a rich feature set, Miranda includes support for AIM, Jabber, ICQ, IRC, MSN, Yahoo, Gadu-Gadu and more.

10. Sumatra PDF Portable

sumatrapdfSumatra PDF Portable is the lightweight Sumatra PDF packaged as a portable app, so you can view PDF files on the go. You can place it on your USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive or a CD and use it on any computer, without leaving any personal information behind.

11. μTorrent Portable

cebctorrentA portable version of uTorrent may come in handy when you’re with friends, at school, or at work. It will fit perfectly on every usb-stick, iPod, mobile phone, or any other device that is recognized a “removable disk”. A walk through on how to install uTorrent Portable is mentioned here.

12. CoolPlayer+ Portable

coolplayerpCoolPlayer+ Portable is an easy to use audio player packaged as a portable app so you can listen to your music wherever you go. You can place it on your USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive or a CD and use it on any computer, without leaving any personal information behind.

13. Pidgin Portable

pidginPidgin Portable is the versatile Pidgin instant messaging client packaged as a portable app, so you can take your IM settings and buddy lists with you. It has all the same great features as Pidgin, including support for AOL, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ and Jabber networks. If you are intersted in adding Facebook and Twitter to Pidgin, visit.

14. Sudoku Portable

sudokuThis is a standalone version of the popular Sudoku game that can be run from a USB key, iPod or a portable hard drive. As it runs off one of these devices, it leaves no traces behind on the computer it is used on.

15. Frostwire

frostwireFrostWire is a fork of the very popular LimeWire PRO Gnutella/Bittorrent client. The purpose of FrostWire is to keep and maintain the freedoms that LimeWire LLC may be forced to withdraw. Share any type of file on Gnutella and the Bittorrent network.

16. Mozilla Sunbird Portable

sunbirdMozilla Sunbird – Portable Edition is the handy Mozilla Sunbird calendar packaged with a Launcher as a portable app, so you can take your schedule and to-do list with you.

17. Save2pc Portable

save2pc-portableSave2pc is a free tool that downloads videos from Youtube or Google Video and saves it as Avi or Mpeg format. No need to use scripts for web browsers. Just run save2pc and start downloading!

18. CCleaner

ccleaner_logoCCleaner Portable is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system – allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history.

19. Revo Uninstaller

revo-uninstallerRevo Uninstaller is a powerful utility that can do much more than just add/remove programs. It can be used to remove any unwanted software programs, applications and traces from your computer. Revo Uninstaller has the ability to scan a program’s data before uninstalling and can then check for any remnants of the program after it has been un-installed.

20. Double Killer

double-killer-logoDoubleKiller searches single or multiple directories for duplicate files by comparing any combination of file name, size, modification date and content. Using user-defined masks like *.mp3 or *.dll you can limit the scan to files that interest you or protect important files from being scanned. You can save so much disk space by clearing up those double MP3s.


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