How You Can Edit & Remove Unwanted Applications From Right Click Menu In Windows

Right click option offers a quick way to open any file immediately however it often turns into problem for the reason that a large number of unnecessary applications included on the right click menu.

There are several available choices including scan with antivirus, Snagit, Winrar applications. This kind of list goes long and long should One install a few more applications. The lengthier the list, longer the time it’ll require to load. It is possible to clear away any unnecessary application from right click menu by using a tiny registry hack.

Well before you make any alteration in registry you need to take a complete backup of your registry files considering that any sort of unnecessary change in registry files may harm your OS.

Go to Start > Run > Type REGEDIT in run command

Edit Right click menu for files

To edit right click menu for files in registry editor Go to


You will notice a number of folders under ContextMenuHandlers folder. Select any of the folder you need to edit. You may either delete any unwanted folder or you can Modify the folder so that you may get it back later on.

Select any folder. Assume You just want to disable Snagit option. So now You will click on SnagItMainShellExt folder on the left side. A key file will show up on the key panel(right side) . Right click on key file (Default) and click on Modify option.

You’ll see Edit string box. Now add a minus sign ahead of the middle bracket in Value data and click on OK button.

Original data


Edited data


Notice that there’s a minus‘ sign before the bracket inside the edited data.

At this point try right clicking on any file. The undesired modified application (Snagit in this case) will go away from the right click menu application list.

Edit Right click menu for folders

edit right click menu folder

Right click menu for folders means whenever you right click on any folder then whatever menu options you get there. You may disable unwanted application from right click menu in folders also. The process is similar. However, you have to edit registry files of a different directory. Go to


Now do this again like you did while editing right click menu for files.Once again you need to edit the registry key to disable folders under ContextMenuHandlers directory. This can be done by following the same process and adding a minus sign to the Value data and clicking on OK button. Now right click on any folder to check that specific disabled application. Right click menu on folder is not going to display disabled application.