How To Open Docx File In Firefox Using OpenXML Add-On

In order for us to get into the detail about this process, it is important that we define a few important terms that can be seen in the title of the article. First off, we have a Docx File. What is a docx file? Well, we all have used Microsoft Office Word 2007, or at least some version of this MS Office tool. When you save your file, you have probably come across the format of the file you are saving. This format is ‘.docx’ format. Word 2007 saves its file in this format and it replaces the preceding .doc format that we used to get with older versions of the software. If you are using older versions of MS Word, then you can open a.docx file with Microsoft Compatibility Pack.

The second term we want to briefly describe is OpenXML. This is a specific file format that was developed by software giants, Microsoft, and it was based on a zipped and XML-based format. It was and is used to represent charts, word processing files, presentations and spreadsheets. It has been standardized so there nothing to worry about.

But now, you don’t have to worry about opening Docx files with MS Word 2007 anymore because you can now use your own Firefox extension, or add-on. Thanks to the OpenXML Viewer add-on, Firefox has become a lot faster in opening this format of files. OpenXML will let you open up any .docx file inside Firefox, just like any typical HTML webpage allows you to. The one strong point regarding this add-on is that neither does it change the format of the text and neither does it play around with the layout of the document.

Go to the provided link and download the zip file that is mentioned on the page. Once you download it, open the zip file up and look through the different files that are there. You want to choose the one that says OpenXMLViewer_win_firefox.xpi. Open this file using Firefox.

You will not be asked whether you want to install this add-on or not. Of course you want to. Click Install.

Once the plug-in is installed, check to see if your browser is employing. Tools > Options > Applications.

Go down to the content part where it says Microsoft Office Word Document. Instead, choose Use OpenXMLViewer. If you cannot find it, look in the image below to get a better idea.

We hope that after reading this tutorial you’ll now be able to Open Docx File In Firefox Using OpenXML Add-On. Image Courtesy: AddictiveTips

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