How To Disable Automatic Driver Installation in Windows 7 / Vista

Suppose you have just connected a device with your computer. As soon as you do this, Windows 7 and Vista will both start looking for a driver automatically and it will install it as well. If you want to select a driver manually, because many people prefer to this themselves as they feel it is better. If you want to learn how to go about this, then we also have the solution for installing a driver manually. What you will have to do is disable the automatic driver installation option. To complete this process, you will not have to install any additional software. The only thing you need is to use Windows Driver Settings.

Many people have been complaining about how most methods are not working for them etc. Let me assure you this procedure is the one I tried myself and it worked perfectly. If you still cannot reach the end and get the results you want, then leave us a comment in the box below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Go to the Start menu and, in the search bar, type in the following: gpedit.msc

Click on the file to open the Local Group Policy Editor. This is Microsoft Management Console (MMC) that provides a user with an interface that help to manage all of the settings of Local Group Policy objects. You can see the interface below.

Once this is opened, look for the “Computer Configuration” option. Click on that and then go to Administrative Templates. From here, you want to choose System and follow that up with Device Installation.

Click on the subfolder on the left side named Device Installation and this will present to you possible restrictions you can apply.

Right-click on Prevent Installation of Devices Not Described by Other Policy Settings and Edit it. Set it to Enabled.

Reboot you Windows and the settings will have been applied. We hope that after reading this tutorial you’ll be able to Disable Automatic Driver Installation in Windows 7 and in Windows Vista

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