How To Share Large Files – Create Your Own File Sharing Server

Not too long ago, we were introduced with a problem our readers were having with sharing large files. Many of us face this problem and there are not many ways around it. So what do you do when you want to share a large file? Well, besides using your web browser to share files you can also make your own sharing server. Now the question on your mind must be how. Well, we will tell exactly how with this tutorial.

What do you do when you want to share multiple files which are all large in size? Should you waste your time trying to upload them through Hotmail or cloud computing? Should you look for more efficient ways? Well, I think you should. Now, you can convert your computer into an online sharing server. This will allow your friends and family to access files using the internet, without using any sort of third-party app. HFS is the solution. It is a open-source software, hence it being possible. It easy to use as it has a website interface.

Using HFS, you can access remote files. You also have control over connections, lets you control bandwidth and so much more. You can convert your computer into full server which means you won’t have to upload anything using a third-party app.

You don’t have to install anything additional. Instead, you have to simply click on the software and start sharing.

The software will provide you with an IP address which you will enter into your browser. Upon opening the address, you will see a list of files that you are sharing. These can be accessed from anywhere. If you feel unsecure about it, then you can assign a password.

Share the IP address with friends and family so they too can download it from the internet.

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