How to Replace Windows Explorer with More Powerful Feature Packed Ultra Explorer

Have you become tired of the same old Windows Explorer? Are you thinking about boosting yourself to a more powerful system? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then Ultra Explorer is what you are in need of. This is the one system that has the ability and power to replace your existing Windows Explorer, taking into account all the tasks that currently run on your system along with its quicker file management and convenience to browse through files. It might be hard to use at first but eventually you will get used to it and by the time you do get used to it, you won’t even be thinking about the old Explorer.

The new Ultra Explorer is filled with so many useful features. Take a look below for a list and description of all these.

Folder Windows

Ultra Explorer provides users with the option of viewing folders in, what they call, a treeview mode. This helps you drag and drop files into the folder which is a lot easier than what we had with the old Windows Explorer.

Windows Options

This feature let you enable your favorite treeview with any object you have stored in Windows. The location and name don’t matter because with Ultra Explorer, you will be able to locate it and view it.

Faster Searching with Filter Window

The new filter window option filters arguments which make it easier to narrow your search down, resulting in an easier experience looking for whatever it is you are looking for.

Command Line

For people who work on DOS commands, they can now use the command line window. This opens by launching a small command line window.

Tabbed Interface

The best feature of this new Windows Explorer is the tabbed interface. This lets you view different folders at one time, without having to open so many different windows at once.

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