How To Log Into Multiple Google Talk Accounts Using A Simple Hack

Let us assume that you have more than one Gmail accounts; two to be exact. One of your accounts is for personal use and the other one is for your office and business work. You would really like to be able to sign-in into both of your Google Talk accounts but Gmail doesn’t allow this facility as a default basis. But with help of a simple hack, we can fix this inconvenience.

By Performing Simple Hack

Right-click on the Google Talk icon from your desktop, or wherever it is located. In the context menu, you want to go down to the Properties option.

Once you open it up, at the end of the line, add the following: /nomutex. So, it should look something like this:

C:\Program Files\ Google\ Google Talk\googletalk.exe”/startmenu /nomutex – the space between startmenu and nomutex is important.

You will now be able to have multiple GTalk windows open by click the program numerous times. Use each messenger window for a different account.

Log Into Multiple Google Talk Accounts By Performing Hack via Command Prompt

Go to the Start Menu and type CMD in the search bar. Go to the directory where Google Talk has been installed and add \nomutex like we did in the procedure mentioned above. So, it should like this: C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk>googletalk/nomutex.

Log Into Multiple Google Talk Accounts By Downloading Software

If you cannot get multiple GTalk windows from the above steps then we recommend you download a software called Digsby. If you follow this step, you will be given additional features but you will be required to use this multi-protocol IM client.

Using this software, you will be able to use up to 7 Google Talk accounts at once. Users will get some amazing features like being able to add different social networks, email accounts and what not.

These are all three methods. If you have used any three of these, let us know of your experiences. Image Courtesy: AddictiveTips