How To Minimize Applications To Desktop As Thumbnails

Many of us multi-task these days because we can’t simply do only one thing at a time; we get joy out of doing more than one at a time as it gets you more things done at one time. When we multi-task, that is on the internet, a lot of our time is dedicated finding the tab of a website we’re looking for that is already opened amongst the total tabs open at that time. Things get cluttered and unorganized, even if you’ve activated Windows’ Group Similar option. It takes time to find the right tab but there are special applications that have been designed for this problem. They help to minimize applications as thumbnails on your desktop.

How To Minimize Applications using MiniMIZE

MiniMIZE is a desktop enhancing application that grabs windows you have minimized and puts them on your desktop as a thumbnail. It takes the actual application and displays it as a thumbnail. This program resides on your system tray and it about 6 MB in terms of memory.

It also comes with an option that ignores websites that you don’t want to minimize as a thumbnail. There’s no need to configure anything once you install it because it’s entirely pre-configured. Just download it and you’re good to go.

How To Minimize Applications using ThumbWin

ThumbWin is a more visual application as compared to MiniMIZE. Unlike MiniMIZE, it supports Windows Vista and gives you an option to exclude any website from your list. It can disable applications that you don’t want to minimize as thumbnails.

This application supports hotkeys, arrangement methods and thumbnail sizes as well but its most notable feature is the fade in/fade out feature. When you are running a program that has been minimized to a thumbnail, moving your mouse on it will fade-in/out. And it looks great.

This utility is highly customizable as it permits you to change the dimension of the thumbnail along with its layout.

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