Top Ten Excellent Adsense WordPress Themes

There are many ways to make money from a website but the most easy and apt way to make money is by the use of Google Adsense. It is a hassle free way to make money and all you have to do is place some ads on your website and the revenue will be generated once the ad gets clicked.

This is a pretty decent way to make money for people who are not very professional or experienced website developers but are bloggers or content writers. Arguably the best medium you can get for these content based websites is “Wordpress”.

With WordPress you can easily customize your website or a blog and place ads on it without any limitations. In order to succeed online you need to have a proper theme or design which is suitable for the type of content you are dealing with or the kind of ads you want to put on.

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Top Ten Excellent Adsense WordPress Themes

Why use Adsense themes?

One should use Adsense themes to make money and that is definitely the sole purpose of putting up ads on your websites or blog. There are themes which are not adsense ready but what is the use of such themes? You are putting up the same amount of effort and you will be getting less in return but If you use the adsense optimized wordpress themes you will earn more money in return of your efforts.

Today we’ll share ten best WordPress Adsense themes that are most feasible for Adsense based websites.

Best CTR WordPress Themes

Adsense Pro Ultimate | Buy Now

adsense pro ultimate

The #1 on our list is Adsense Pro Ultimate. This is a very unique yet simple design that allows the ads to blend in easily. It has got all the usual features that other themes have got but it surpasses every other theme with its high click through rate ratio. It has got much better cPanel options too.

It is adsense ready and completely optimized. It has got numerous CSS options, edited footer texts plus already widgeted sidebars. Adsense Pro ultimate beats its predecessor Adsense pro theme with its high click through rate and advanced sidebar options. This theme is priced at $69 which is nothing compared to how much you can make using it.

CTR Theme | Buy Now


In order to make money with a site which is solely monetized with the adsense and provides decent click through rates then you need to go with the CTR theme.

The inclusion of the feature of “ad randomization” has set apart this theme from all the others. This theme does not take a lot of time for loading unlike other ad sense optimized themes. Ad hiding feature is also present in the CTR theme and fully featured admin panel option is included too so you can change the settings of the theme whenever you want to.

Socrates | Buy Now


Socrates is another Adsense monetized wordpress theme. It is a great theme for regular use and you can create innumerable designs by this adsense wordpress theme. It offers more than 220 header designs along with different sidebars and slidebars.

It can easily squeeze pages and other templates for the exact fitting of the website. Not only this, it has got some tutorial options as well as social media slider too. The full license of this theme can be bought in only 55$.

ClickBump Engine | Buy Now


As said by some software developers and wordpress users that ClickBump Engine wordpress theme is the fastest wordpress theme. It takes no time to load and competes with the other high click through rate wordpress theme. It has got 12 different templates and you just have to click once to activate any template.

This theme is completely SEO optimized and you do not have to face any back links issue too. It provides a great amount of flexibility to build the websites which gets loaded in seconds.


Heat Map

Another good Adsense WordPress theme is the heatmap. It is usually used in most of the simple and common websites. This theme is the best theme for those who want to add lots of widgets on their website. This theme offers sites for around 23 widgets that you can place on your website. Laser targeted ad placement is another good feature of the heatmap theme. The full license for this theme can be bought in 67$.

Max Sense


One of the coolest adsense themes available in the market is the Max Sense. This theme improves your revenue generation with the help of decent click through rate. Like all the other themes it is adsense ready, very intrinsic widgeted sidebars with numerous design options. It has got the management data source/option available and it is compatible with different browsers too.



As the name says it is a CTR theme which gives next to maximum click through rates. Although the features of this theme are not quite different from the other CTR themes and the only stand out feature is the relatively higher CTR.

More Sense


It is another addition to the adsense optimized wordpress themes and it is not quite different from the Max sense theme we discussed earlier. Except for some different header design options and addition of new sidebar options, rest everything is the same.



A relatively expensive theme is the Intelli theme but more the money lesser the hassle rule can be applied here. This theme is available in 97$ and in exchange it offers automatic optimization for your website. For someone who wants to expand his business this is the theme he should be using.



Genesis theme by Studiopress is a great addition to the family of adsense optimized wordpress themes. This is a user friendly theme with numerous skins available. It is frame theme and it gives numerous layouts for your websites.  This theme has an automatic update section and you do not have worry about the manual updating. 24/7 support is also available.


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